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Google Has Best UK Workplace

Many of us complain about our workplaces. But not the people who work for Google at their London office. At least they’d better not, since a new survey by management consultants The Great Place to Work Institute has named their office as the best workplace in the UK, according to silicon.com.

What makes it so great? Of the 5o top workplaces in the survey, Google leads the pack for its “stimulating and supportive environment,” as well as making employees feel a part of the company, so that they refer to themselves as Googlers. Of course, an accent on green issues, including giving every employee a free bike, probably doesn’t hurt matters either.

Although many companies involved with computing have relaxed atmospheres, Google was the only tech company in the top ten. But it couldn’t translate its British success to being the Best Workplace in Europe, however – that honor went to Microsoft.
Still, Google wasn’t complaining. In a statement its European president of operations, Nikesh Arora, said:

"Of course, the lava lamps, free food, dogs at work: all have become famous symbols of the fun yet serious workplace we have built. But the challenge we set ourselves — of hiring the best possible people and giving them the chance to reach extraordinary achievements — is what makes Google such a special place to work."

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