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Majority Of UK Homes Now Online

The Office of National Statistics has released new figures indicating that two-thirds of UK households – that’s 16.5 million – now have Internet access, a rise of 1.2 million households over last year.

Data indicates that more than 66% of adults go online daily, with men more frequent surfers than women.

Those with greater education are more likely to be online, with 93% of degreed adults under 70 using the Internet, compared to 56% of those with no qualifications.

Households in the south-east of the country are most likely to be online, and those in the north east least likely.

However, resistance to the Internet among those who aren’t connected has increased. In the 34% of households unconnected, the numbers saying they don’t want the Internet has skyrocketed from 3% two years ago to 24%.

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