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Charge your phone in seconds, use it for days? A new battery may make it possible

Wish you could charge your phone in only a few seconds and have it last for days on end? This new battery technology could help make that happen. The tech was developed by researchers at University of Central Florida.

The HTC 10 Evo is an HTC Bolt without Sprint’s interference

The HTC 10 Evo is the latest phone from HTC, and if the specification and design looks familiar, it's because the 10 Evo is the same phone as the HTC Bolt, just without the Sprint exclusivity. It's going on sale in the U.K. soon.

Canadian cellular firms face new competition from Freedom Mobile’s LTE networks

It looks like the Canadian carrier market is set to finally get another competitor -- Freedom Mobile, formerly known as Wind Mobile, is finally getting LTE. Initially, only the LG V20 and ZTE Grand X4 will work on the network, and only in…

Caller ID apps are publicly exposing names and phone numbers

Three of the top caller ID apps have begun uploading caller names and phone numbers into public databases. It's not yet known if the apps have been hacked or who could have hacked them.

Google’s Popular Times now tells you how busy a location is in real time

Google has updated its Popular Times feature to not only show how busy a location could be, but to also show how busy it currently is, in real time. The new feature basically uses anonymous location information.

FreedomPop wants to sell you a great used phone from its FreedomShop

Discount carrier FreedomPop announced the launch of FreedomShop on Thursday, an online used phone marked with more than 100 different models.
Social Media

Instagram goes live, adds disappearing photos and videos in Direct feature

Instagram is bringing a feature from its parent company -- live video. Unlike Facebook's implementation, which is primarily geared toward media content, Instagram's Live Video is more of a blend of Twitter's Periscope and…

Moto Z set to become the first non-Google phone to be compatible with Daydream VR

It looks like Google's Pixel phones won't be the only Daydream-compatible phones for long -- the Lenovo Moto Z is getting compatibility this week courtesy of an Android Nougat update.

ZTE's new Axon 7 model adds more RAM and storage, but jacks up the price

ZTE is pulling a OnePlus. The company is releasing a slightly improved variant of its 5-month-old Axon 7 smartphone, but unlike the OnePlus 3, you'll still be able to purchase the older model.

One of Android Wear’s most needed features is being tested by Google

Google may be working on integrating Android Pay with Android Wear, its smartwatch operating system, based on code found inside a Google app update. The feature is considered a must-have for Android Wear to compete with Samsung Pay and…

Nokia fan? Those new phones you’re waiting for may arrive at Mobile World Congress 2017

Gathering evidence points to Nokia and HMD Global using Mobile World Congress 2017 as the launchpad for its new smartphones. Both companies have a strong presence already confirmed at the show.

Barnes & Noble’s $50 Nook fights Amazon’s Fire tablet for your holiday dollars

Barnes & Noble unveiled the new Nook, the company's first in-house tablet in over four years. With a $50 price tag, the Nook is expected to directly compete with Amazon's own cheap Fire tablet.