Best Point-and-Shoot Cameras

Check out the best point-and-shoot cameras, as rated by Digital Trends’ expert reviewers.

Best Point-and-Shoot CamerasThe point-and-shoot digital camera has come a long way since its early days, when its name could be taken much more literally. Since then, the wealth of manual control available in many of these models has monumentally increased, in some cases giving users the closest thing to DSLR quality in a very portable package.

As sensor sizes and megapixels increase, point and shoots seem to keep getting slimmer and smaller, a nice combination for our pockets – but not wallets. As the quality increases, so do prices, and buyers are likely look at spending a minimum of $250 to get a worthwhile camera that isn’t quickly made obsolete.

While smartphones continue to wage war on point and shoots, manufacturers are getting more and more creative with features like GPS, filters, and even Android ecosystems. There’s still some innovation left in this entry-level breed.

Our best point-and-shoot cameras list is continually updated as we review new digital cameras enter the market.

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