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Organize your thoughts with this list of the 10 best mind-mapping tools

If you’re tired of constantly getting lost in a thicket of ideas, half-concepts, and free-floating words that emerge from your brainstorming sessions, then you should think about using a mind-mapping tool. Mind maps are digital flow charts that can be used to describe ideas and list possibilities. In more advanced forms, they can also be used to describe complex structures and concepts so your entire team can better understand them. Here are the latest mind-mapping tools available, their most impressive strengths, and how you can download them for your next big meeting!

Bloomfire ($9+ a month)


Bloomfire isn’t just a mind-mapping or brainstorming tool — it’s a suite for knowledge management. If you are part of a business that generates a lot of ideas and pushes them through multiple departments, then Bloomfire could be the platform you’re looking for. It not only allows for multiple maps and charts to drive decisions, but also allows you to track the content that comes from those ideas, and how successful it is compared to other content. The software may not be able to replace data management entirely, but for a large creative team, it could be an ideal support.

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