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Color drift killed the king: Dell no longer planning 30-inch, 4K OLED monitor

It seems even Dell isn’t immune to the difficulties of producing large-size OLED monitor panels, as that 30-inch, 4K, OLED panel it talked about at CES 2016 has been officially canceled. There was no real word of it throughout the last year, and when asked about its lack of showing at CES 2017, Dell staff confirmed it would never see the light of day.

The Dell UP3017Q OLED display first made its appearance at last January’s Consumer Electronics Show and was an impressive sight. It had a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, had a claimed response time of 0.1ms, a refresh rate of 120Hz and 100 percent coverage of the Adobe RGB color space. But none of that is any good if the underlying display technology is flawed.

According to French publication, Les Numériques (via TechReport), the problem stemmed from color drift when viewing the screen at certain angles. This is something we’ve heard about before in relation to OLED technology and is likely one of the reasons that we have seen so few, larger sized OLED monitors in recent years.

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Although there are some ways around that problem, it could be that Dell was faced with either overly expensive panels or selling a product with color shift over time. Regardless though, the monitor will never be released, so we are unlikely to hear much about it in the future.

But of course this doesn’t come as a huge surprise. If a company talks up a product and then doesn’t even mention it for a year, it’s not much of a leap to imagine that it has halted development on it. It’s not clear how long Dell may have worked to sort the outstanding issues with the UP3017Q, but it won’t be doing any more for it.

Fortunately, Dell has plenty of other tech to whet our appetites, including in the monitor space. At CES 2017, Dell showed off a brand new 8K, 32-inch monitor — though you will have to pay through the nose for it, as it’s priced at $5,000.