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How to convert MKV files to MP4 format

Have an awkward video file you’re trying to play? Matroska (MKV) is an open multimedia format that isn’t exactly widely supported — even if it allows for a robust amount of data in a small package. Software-based media players like VLC might be able to play MKV files, but household media players like iTunes can’t handle it without first converting the file into a different format. Because of these compatibility issues, we’ve put together a guide on how to quickly convert MKV files into MP4 format, a widely-supported media standard that’s compatible with most modern devices and media players.

Converting with VLC (Windows/MacOS)

VLC media player can recognize and play almost any video format, including MKV, and the best part is it’s absolutely free. Not only can you watch MKV files with VLC, but it can also convert your video into a number of formats, including MP4. Here’s how.

Step 1: Navigate to VideoLAN’s homepage and download VLC. Make sure to read the fine print when installing, so you aren’t introducing your computer to any hidden programs or viruses. Afterward, launch the program as you would any other piece of software

Step 2: Click the Media tab in the upper-left corner and select Convert/Save from the resulting drop-down menu. From here, click the Add button and locate the file you wish to convert on your PC. Once found, hit the Convert/Save button at the bottom of the window.

Adding files to convert in VLC

Step 3: Specify your desired video format — in this case, “H.264 + Mp3 (MP4)” –using the drop-down menu beside Profile. Clicking the tool icon will also allow you to further fine-tune your settings. Once you’re happy with your settings, specify under Destination where you would like VLC to export your file. Then, click Start. The timeline will turn into a progress bar, and once it finishes, your video will be ready!

Specifying format and conversion in VLC
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