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Logitech’s MX Master wireless takes the old-fashioned scroll wheel to the next level

Logitech announces MX Master wireless mouse

As the maker of some of the first performance focused PC peripherals in the world, Logitech has been working on high-end mice for longer than most. So while today a lot of its competitors are looking to create ever more elaborate gamer-centric designs, Logitech has gone back to the well with its latest release. Featuring styling reminiscent of its predecessors, the MX Master is wireless, with plenty of battery life and some new button technology to boot.

Anyone that’s owned an MX Revolution or Performance MX in the past will be well versed in the ergonomic shaping of the new MX Master. It features the same right-handed design, with a large thumb rest protruding from the left hand side.

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However this isn’t just some rehashed old model. The MX Master features a redesigned scroll wheel, which adapts to your speed as you use it. Scroll slowly, and it will tick by one point at a time with haptic and auditory feedback, but if you scroll quickly, the wheel will disengage and allow you to scroll quickly to the bottom of lengthy pages and documents.

One of the fancier features it has is the ability to wirelessly pair it with three different systems at once, using a little button on the side called the Easy-Switch to change which platform you’re inputting to at any one time. Battery life is said to last up to forty days and can recharge enough to give you a full day’s worth of usage in just four minutes.

Since you’ll be using this mouse all over the place, it’s no surprise that Logitech opted for its trademarked “Darkfield” laser sensor that will work on any surface – though it will be limited to a maximum sensitivity of 1,600 DPI.

For those that like customization, the back end software will let you remap the buttons to you heart’s content too.

Set for release in April, the MX Master will set you back $99.99.