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New Windows 10 leak shows desktop Cortana in action

Microsoft hasn’t officially confirmed it yet, but it’s no secret that Cortana will be arriving on the desktop at the same time as Windows 10. Now we have our first look at how the digital assistant will work thanks to some leaked images and video from WinBeta. The interface is far from finished, and there are plenty of bugs, but it’s still an interesting glimpse at the future of Windows.

Most of the familiar features from Windows Phone have been carried over: Users can place Skype calls, set reminders for events, check the upcoming weather forecast and so on. Everything is handled via a pop-up window that sits down near the Start button and sports a Start Listening button. Right now, Cortana can’t answer more obscure or personal questions, but that functionality will be in place in 2015 according to WinBeta.

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It makes sense for Cortana to make the shift to Windows 10 as Microsoft looks to offer a fluid, connecting experience across computers, tablets and phones. Users of desktop and laptop computers will be able to load up navigation directions, music playback controls and more using just their voice — if you’ve ever wanted to bark instructions at your computer, then Windows 10 with Cortana will meet your needs.

Microsoft’s next major operating system is slated for a “late 2015” release and if you want to get a flavor of what it will look and feel like, you can install the Technical Preview right now. At the moment there’s no sign of Cortana in the build, but as WinBeta’s digging has proved, it’s on the way. Windows 10 will also bring with it a revamped Start Menu, improved touchscreen navigation, better notifications and task switching, and a host of other new features.