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Imagining the Future: An Interview with Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow's first science fiction novel for adults in eight years, Walkaway, envisions a utopian future where a post-scarcity society's "walkaways" are using technology to make their lives better.
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Valley that shows signs of flooding may be key to identifying past life on Mars

Mars has a new hot spot for exploration, according to a team of researchers who’ve identified a region that shows signs it was once flooded with water. The region may offer a prime spot to explore for signs of past life on the red…
DT Daily

DT Daily: Apple relocates WWDC 2017, expect to see iOS 11 2:28

The iPhone came into existence 10 years ago, so what will Apple do to mark the anniversary of its revolutionary smartphone? Our first hints will be at WWDC 2017 with the debut of iOS 11.
Virtual Reality

Check out the White House and Air Force One in VR via Google Arts & Culture

Thanks to a new partnership between Google Arts & Culture and no fewer than 30 cultural institutions, the internet giant is bringing you a huge update to the American Democracy collection.
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DJI teams up with world’s biggest model aviation group for new programs

A new partnership between DJI and the Academy of Model Aeronautics could mean new opportunities for both AMA members and DJI fans. The partnership could help boost programs for youth and public safety officials.
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Space Poop Challenge: NASA reveals the winner of its microgravity toilet contest

After looking through nearly 5,000 entries, NASA has just announced the winner of its Space Poop Challenge that sought to find an efficient method for astronauts to poop in their spacesuits.
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France is now using golden eagles to take down rogue drones

Many high-tech solutions for taking down rogue quadcopters already exist, but some governments are turning to eagles for the task. This week the French Air Force showed off its own team of feathered drone retrievers.
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You are what you tweet: Twitter reveals how America eats and exercises

Called the Lexicocalorimeter, a new tool is scanning Twitter for mentions of food and exercise to track how America is eating and staying healthy. Or, judging from all the pizza and TV references, how we're not.
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Scientists use stem cells to grow animal-free pork in a lab

A new study published in the journal Scientific Reports has taken us one step closer to the dream of animal-free meat. The resulting lab-grown pork chops could be available to buy within the next decade.
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3D printing your household items could save you some serious cash, study finds

Looking for an investment promising you a 100 percent return? According to a new study, buying a 3D printer and printing your own household items is just about the safest bet you can make.

The workplace of the future tracks your every move, whether you like it or not

Access control is nothing new in the office, where keys slowly migrated over to smart keycards. However, some startups now aim to give employers a vivid picture of their office environment by tracking their employees every move.
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Clever new water bottle tricks your brain into thinking regular H2O is flavored

Get bored of drinking plain old water when you’re out jogging? This 20-year-old pre-med student has developed a flavor-changing bottle that will quench your thirst by making water taste like a fruit drink.