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Five meat thermometers that ensure properly cooked meals

While you might offend dinner guests by serving a steak that is too rare or too well-done, you can also make people extremely sick if you put something like undercooked chicken on their plate. Here are a few gadgets that will make sure your…
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Weekend Workshop: Electrify your meat with this DIY hot dog cooker

Although BBQ season has passed and gloomy, rainy weather is on the horizon, this DIY electric hot dog cooker assures there's no need to give up on enjoying an abundance of perfectly cooked franks this winter.
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Check out this batteryless drone prototype that relies entirely on wireless charging

To get drones to fly longer and farther, manufacturers have built ever bigger batteries. But a drone is in development in the U.K. that requires no battery at all, all thanks to wireless charging.

Weekly Rewind: Better beer drinking, a $100 iPhone crack, oceans on Europa

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories from…

As cool as the other side of the pillow: Kryo system promises a better night’s rest

By actively cooling a mattress as low as 60-degrees Fahrenheit, the Kryo cooling system promises owners a better night's sleep. The innovative device just launched on Indiegogo, seeking $50,000 in funding.
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Brain scan math study reveals numeracy is not always linked to our vision

Neuroscientists have demonstrated that vision is not as tightly wrapped up with math as we might think it is. That has big implications for our understanding of how the brain works.
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Buggies controlled over the internet may ride to the rescue of desert tortoises

Could mobile, internet-controlled RC buggies and live-streaming video be the last great hope for the survival of desert tortoises in Southern California? A group called Hardshell Labs certainly thinks so.
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Sewing robot masters handling fabric, could change how clothes are made

Sewbo is a garment-making robot designed for automating the process of skillfully guiding fabrics through sewing machines. In the process, it could change the way clothes are made.
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SpaceX shares preliminary findings for Amos-6 satellite, rocket explosion

SpaceX has released a statement on the preliminary findings of the investigation into what cause the Amos-9 mission failure, which point to a failure within the Falcon 9's second stage.
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Solar-powered liquid battery hybrid prototype could be major breakthrough

A new device combines a solar cell with a large capacity liquid battery, skipping the electricity-making process in favor of transferring the harvested solar energy directly to the battery's electrolyte.
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Apple is reportedly making progress on its Siri-powered Amazon Echo competitor

Earlier this year, rumors surfaced of Apple working on a Siri-powered Amazon Echo competitor. Now that device has reportedly entered prototype testing, though that’s no guarantee the product will ever be made available to consumers.