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Cool Tech

The cyborg rose is finally here

In the 21st century, even our plants are bionic, thanks to groundbreaking new research that has successfully created the world's first cyborg rose. Flowers can now play host to the electronic circuits that are grown inside them.
Cool Tech

China unveils high-tech Fifth Space toilet facilities for the public

China has good news for you: Known as the "Fifth Space," this high-tech bathroom facility of the future has just debuted in Beijing, and promises to let you get more business done while doing your business.

Seiko is resurrecting the watch worn by Ellen Ripley in Aliens

Seiko is reissuing models of the watch worn by Ellen Ripley in the 1986 science fiction horror thriller Aliens. The original 7A28-7000 will be reintroduced as the SCED035 with slight changes to the design.
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Rice University chemists harness light to power fast, single-molecule submarine

Scientists at Rice university created a single-molecule nanoscale submarine that potentially could be used for drug delivery and other medical purposes. The sub is powered by rotors that turn when exposed to ultraviolet light.
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NASA developing satellite network for real-time wildfire tracking

Wildfire detection is headed to space thanks to NASA mission design specialists who are building a network of satellite sensors to detect thermal events. The team hopes to have the satellite network up and running by June 2018.

Mohawk smart helmet kit features camera, GPS, black box, Bluetooth, and more 2:10

Fusar's Mohawk smart helmet device features a camera, GPS, Bluetooth communication, black box, emergency beacon, and tracking. It will be available for $550, but early birds can pre-order the kit for $300.

Google once made, but never released, a Star Trek-style Communicator badge

Google built its own version of the famous Communicator pin from Star Trek. The revelation came from a Google executive, who also revealed the device never made it past the prototype stage.
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This long-arm selfie stick wants to help you blend in, sort of

A guy in Japan felt a bit self-conscious getting his selfie stick out in public, so he cobbled together a few odds and ends to create a contraption to help him get the same kind of shots without standing out. Sort of.

Weekly Rewind: Selfie mirrors, Bieber breaks instagram, BMW’s next great car

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on, in fact, that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech…
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Smoke this phone — the Vaporcade Jupiter

Vaporcade says it has worked tirelessly to integrate texting, talking, and vaping into “one spectacular, innovative technology" it calls the Jupiter smartphone, and boast of its supposedly "limitless" applications.