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Cool Tech

How the Alternative Limb Project is transforming prosthetics into an astonishing artform

The Alternative Limb Project is transforming the medium of prosthetics into the ultimate form of self-expression, by blurring the line between everyday prostheses and body modification.
Cool Tech

I ate a pizza made by a robot in the back of a truck, and it was delicious

Zume Pizza is the latest Silicon Valley startup to be making headlines, largely because of the way that it automates the pizza-making process. We took a tour of the company's facility to find out just how automated the process really is.
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Innovative Dyslexie typeface is designed to be read by people with dyslexia

The creator of the Dyslexie font, graphic designer Christian Boer, has designed a typeface specifically for improving the reading skills of people who have trouble reading. Here's how you can help.

The AtmosFX digital projector makes decorating scarily easy

The AtmosFX holiday digital decorating kit gives you everything you need to create the liveliest display on your block this Halloween. And you can keep it up all winter to celebrate the holiday season, too.

Bonjour is an alarm clock that factors in traffic before letting you snooze

The Bonjour smart alarm clock will read your calendar, traffic information, and current weather conditions and set your alarm for you. You can even talk to it and ask it to let you sleep in more.
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Arduino-powered ping pong table play music to match the intensity of your game

Ping Pong FM is an Arduino-based ping pong game that's halfway between table tennis and the 'Guitar Hero' franchise. The faster you play, the faster the music plays. The slower you play ... well, you get the idea.
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Keep bacteria at bay by sterilizing objects with Cleanty, a mobile LED device

Cleanty is a mobile UVC LED that lets you use light to quickly and easily sterilize objects around you, thereby significantly decreasing your chance of infection. Here's why its creator is so excited.

If you forgive the resolution, Samsung’s quantum dot displays look impressive

Samsung's new C24FG70 and C27FG70 monitors are an attractive pair of displays, featuring quantum dots for better color palettes, and high refresh rates -- but low response times, all with gamers in mind.
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The Polk Boom Bit is a Bluetooth speaker that can go literally anywhere you can

Most Bluetooth speakers are at least somewhat portable, but the new Polk Boom Bit takes that concept even further by clipping to your clothing and offering a built-in USB plug for cable-free charging.

The WhammyPhone is an experimental digital instrument you play by bending

The WhammyPhone has a crazy name, but that's nothing compared to what happens when you give the flexible screen a twist. It turns out, the prototype phone may be a musician's dream.

Is the AI apocalypse a tired Hollywood trope, or human destiny?

Movies and science fiction have wondered for years if artificial intelligence could eventually turn on humans, but as technology advances, the question isn’t hypothetical anymore.

Uber is using drones to fly UberPool ads in front of gridlocked drivers

Businesses are finding all sorts of amazing uses for drones, but Uber's airborne ad campaign may be one of the weirdest yet. The ride-hailing company is using quadcopters to fly ads for its carpooling service just a few feet from gridlocked…