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Cool Tech

Could there be oceans of liquid water lurking beneath Pluto’s surface? Astronomers say yes

According to a new modeling paper published this week in Geophysical Research Letters, partial freezing in a subsurface, liquid water ocean could be the explanation for the tectonic activity across Pluto's terrain.
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This bizarro bicycle reinvents the wheel … as a set of spider legs

When Californian art and engineering collective Carv began developing its Strandbeest-inspired walking bike in 2014, it couldn’t have known the beast that it would create. It's part art, part machine, and part lifeform.

Put down your phone and get notifications from the Ingrein smart clock instead

Meet the Ingrein Clock, a luxury wood timepiece that combines the nostalgia of an elegant analog clock with the connectivity of a 21st-century device. Its creators herald it as the "world's first luxury wood smart clock."
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Machine uses X-rays, algorithms, and water jets to cut a perfect fish fillet in under a second

Named the FleXicut, this new robotic fish filleter has been described as the fish stick maker Tony Stark would have in his home. It’s an astonishing piece of machinery which uses X-ray bone detection to pinpoint the location of…

A $49 Smart Water and Freeze Detector could save you a fortune in home repairs

Meet the Roost Smart Water and Freeze Detector, which claims to alert users to four key areas of concern when it comes to water efficiency and damage. It's slated to ship in the fall for $49.
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A lake in Italy has 2 miles of stunning floating walkways on it

Visit Lake Iseo in northern Italy this month and you'll see hundreds of people taking a stroll not by the water but on it. The feat has been made possible by the acclaimed Bulgarian-American artist Christo, who describes his work…
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Geneva Airport has a friendly bag-carrying robot named Leo

Biometric passports. Digital displays. The right tech can significantly improve the customer experience at airports. Geneva Airport recently introduced travelers to an altogether more futuristic innovation: a prototype airport…
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Thanks to the HoverCart, you can finally put a lawn chair on your hoverboard

Meet the HoverCart, the product that turns your hoverboard into what, to be honest, look a bit like a mobility scooter, or perhaps a magical lawn chair. The product is currently sold out, but its maker is accepting orders.

Watch how Blackmagic cameras were used to capture Peugeot’s POV commercial

Peugeot’s new first-person commercial was created with the help of production company Assemblage K.K., which rigged together a DIY helmet camera made from Blackmagic's Micro Cinema Camera.
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Bend it, twist it, generate electricity with it — these nanogenerators may make energy easy

Mama said don’t jump on the bed -- but what if that bed is made out of shape-adaptive triboelectric nanogenerators? What if our horseplay could power the house? Then could we jump on it?
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Equimetre is an AI-powered wearable that aims to bring horse races into the 21st century

AI algorithms and IoT already help human athletes train safer and more efficiently. The creators of the Equimetre recognized this and got to work developing a smart device that scaled these analytics up for equine.

Soon, you’ll be able to use BMW i3 batteries to power your house

BMW is launching a home energy storage system using the same batteries as its i3 electric car. The system will use either new batteries or "second-life" batteries recycled from cars.