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Feel the groove of Amplitude’s multiplayer in action

Harmonix has shared the first gameplay trailer for Amplitude, the upcoming revival of its genre-defining rhythm game.

The PlayStation Blog post sharing the trailer also provides details on a new feature: Team-based multiplayer. When looking at how to address the potential difference between player skill levels, uneven matchups that pit individual pros against multiple others came up as a flexible and party-friendly alternative to keep the strongest players in check.

Amplitude will be on display at PAX East 2015, running March 6 through 8, so anyone at the convention can stop by the Harmonix booth and give the game a spin. The game will also be featured in Penny Arcade’s Omegathon tournament alongside games of all genres and media on Saturday morning (March 7).

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Amplitude completed its Kickstarter campaign just under the wire, closing a gap of over $100,000 in its last two days. It is the revival of a 2003 rhythm action game developed by Harmonix for PlayStation 2, before rhythm games became a widely popular genre.

Harmonix plans to release the new Amplitude to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 sometime in mid 2015.