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Destiny takes on an Ice Bucket Challenge from the moon

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The “Ice Bucket Challenge” campaign to raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), commonly referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s disease,” has extended into the fictional realm of Bungie’s upcoming sci-fi adventure, Destiny. This brief short assembled from in-game images pokes fun at — what else? — the “That wizard came from the moon” meme that emerged from Destiny‘s alpha.

The video follows the rules of the Ice Bucket Challenge by ending with a call to several other familiar faces, real and fictional, that they follow suit. The challenge requires each participant to either make a donation to ALS research or dump a bucket of cold ice water on their heads while passing the gauntlet along to others.

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This isn’t the “Came from the moon” meme’s first brush with charitable giving. Shortly after the gaming Internet raised Peter Dinklage’s wooden reading of an awkward scrap of dialogue to cult status, Bungie capitalized on the popularity by selling a limited edition run of T-shirts with the infamous quote printed on them. Proceeds from those sales went to the studio’s Bungie Foundation charity.

Destiny looks to be one of the more popular releases during the coming holiday season, and it’s certainly one of the series debuts that’s got gamers intrigued. It’s out for PlayStation and Xbox consoles on September 9, 2014.