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Little Big Planet 2 Coming Later This Year

Sony has announced that a sequel to the hit Little Big Planet is due out this winter. No exact release date has been given, but the sequel will offer gamers more gametype options, better graphics and feature deeper customizable controls.

When the original LBP came out in 2008, it was met with the bewildered stares of gamers that were not entirely sure what to make of it. You play as a “sackperson” on a quest to meet its gods and survive the wrath of the Collector, one of the 8 creators of the world. Those familiar with Japanese game stories are generally prepared for a somewhat bizarre story that borders on drug-addled insanity (Katamari Damacy anyone?), but for many Americans familiar with things like plot and sanity, it seemed like an odd game. Then people played it.

The plot is simply an excuse to create a game that allows you to do things that you could not do before. Paired with the powerful, and underutilized PS3 hardware, the original LBP allowed gamers to create their own platform games and share them over the PlayStation Network. The tools were there, and the potential to create something original was astounding. Since March of 2010, the game has gone on to sell 3.5 million copies, win several awards including numerous “Game of the Year” titles, and users have gone on to create over 2 million unique platform based games.

Details on the sequel are still under wraps, but the trailer below suggests that a new set of in game physics have been included to allow more than just the platform customization that the original thrived on. Racing, shooting, and other types of play are now available, as well as an expanded platform experience. More on this game when it is announced, probably at E3 next month, but it should be one of the must-have titles for PS3 owners this Christmas.