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Best Blu-ray discs to show off your Home Theater

We both know you didn’t just build an incredible home theater just so you could have it all to yourself all the time. You’re itching to show it off any chance you get, and that’s perfectly natural. After all, if your subwoofer(s) shakes the art right off the walls during the depth charge scene in U-571, but nobody but you was there to see, hear, and feel it, did it actually happen?

Nah, you’ve got enough big fish stories; best to show off your awesome creation with your friends and family. But what do you show it off with? What movies will best show off your display’s incredible contrast, color, and resolution? What flick will kick your subs into overdrive and light up every single channel of surround, immersing you in a dizzying swirl of hard-core digital cinema soundscape?

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That’s what this list is all about. There’s no way we could put all the greats in here – that would just take too long. But we do have our favorites, and we’re eager to share them with you and explain why they make such great demonstrations. Trust us when we tell you, these Blu-ray picks have got what it takes to make your system shine and turn your guests green with envy.

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