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Viddit for Chromecast brings all your favorite Reddit videos to the big screen

If you love Reddit (and we know you do) and you also happen to have an Android phone and the ridiculously cheap Chromecast, your life just got a lot cooler. Reported by Gigaom, an app called Viddit now allows Android users to beam Reddit videos from subreddit’s to their TV. And that’s a whole lot of video.

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For those uninitiated, Reddit, and its wild world of subreddits, opens up a near infinite selection of categories to explore, from your favorite food or hometown, to sports, comic books, science, and just about anything else you can think of.

Viddit will send a continuous stream of videos from any subreddit, and users will be able to easily skip unwanted videos with the swipe of a finger. The app was created by the same team who brought us Videostream, an intuitive and simple way to send videos from a PC to the TV with Chromecast. According to the report, the developers are also working on a way for users to log in with their Reddit account to automatically load favorite subreddits as well.

This development comes on the heels of news that another new avenue for Chromecasters, Snagfilms, which offers thousands of free videos, is now available. Snagfilms uses an HTML5-based video application called JW Player, which, now that it works with Chromecast, could bring a host of even more new video sources to the streaming device.

Since Chromecast opened its SDK to the public in February, the device expanded from a small list of mainstream apps to a veritable funhouse of app options, from the cool and quirky, like Projectify, to mainstays like Plex, ESPN Now, and MLB.TV.

Stay with us as we continue to stay on top of the ever-growing Chromecast collection, and get ready to launch those Reddit vids on the big screen.