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Deposit Checks From Home?

Tired of lines in the bank when you want to go and deposit a check? Soon you might not have to wait. Instead you’ll be able scan your items and deposit them electronically, according to an AP story.   The technology, called Remote Deposit Capture, is the brainchild of  CheckFree Corp., has been mostly used for businesses, but the company is introduced a version for individuals two weeks ago, as long as their banks offered the service.   Rod Springhetti, vice president of global strategic marketing at Check Free, said,   "I think the ability to remotely capture a check will become part of the standard features and functions of online banking."   The idea is basic enough. You scan both sides of the check, then go to your bank’s site, enter the amount of the deposit, and that’s it.   Currently a majority of banks either already use the technology with business clients or want to, according to a Celent survey, while 20% have the technology or individuals or plan on employing it, with another 20% considering it.