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All devices and apps that work with Google Nest

Google’s Nest thermostat has become a poster child for what a smart device should look like. It’s sleek, easy to use, and comes with enough learning algorithms and smartphone integration to help us tailor the user experience to our own liking. Google has also acquired the Nest team and tech alongside the thermostat and has expanded the platform to include a smoke and carbon monoxide detector (Nest Protect) and a smart cam (Nest Cam).

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The result is a growing series of smart devices that developers are lining up to work with. Keeping everything on one basic platform — including Nest devices — makes managing a smart home far easier and means less room for interference or communication issues. If you want smart devices that all speak the same language, Nest is a great place to start when making smart-home decisions.

Google has already developed a Works with Nest website and logo to keep tabs on all the latest gadgets that are compatible with the Nest thermostat and other devices using Nest tech. For your convenience, however, we’ve outlined the entire list of smart tech below (weird names and all). See anything that you already use — or something new that catches your eye?


Whirlpool Precision Dispense WFW87HEDW Front-Load Washer

Whirlpool washers and dryers: With smart Whirlpool appliances, you can download special cycle settings for washing sleeping bags and other unique items. The dryer can sync with Nest for longer, more energy-efficient cycles when you’re away from home.

Rheem EcoNet: Using the Nest thermostat’s tracking features, Rheem can shut of its water heaters when you’re away from home.

Heatworks: Like Rheem, Heatworks uses Nest to only heat water when you’re at home to use it.

LG HomeChat: If you link your LG smart appliances with the Nest, they’ll know to shut down when you’re away.

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