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Don’t venture out into the Black Friday bedlam without these essential apps

Sleeping bags and tents are popping up near the big box stores, but don’t worry, it’s just America’s intense need to bargain hunt once again. Black Friday is coming and if you want to survive this weekend with a few deals under your belt, you’ll need to get all the help you can get. We’ve got you covered once again with our list on the apps to get so you have an edge among the rest this Black Friday

This year our apps guide covers a range of useful apps, including some that help you keep track of Black Friday ads, compare prices, and everything else in between you and that awesome deal. Below are the four categories of apps covered. With a few of these apps, you’ll lead the Black Friday charge like a pro, even if you’re only running on an hour of sleep, a latte, and three cans of Mountain Dew.

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