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Carlos Vega

Carlos Vega

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Carlos has been involved in computers since 2000, when he earned his MCSE and A+ certifications. A love for technology turned into years of technical support and eventually technology education. If he's not writing for Digital Trends, he's enjoying Thai food, traveling, or watching a good movie.

Someone holding a Google Pixel 5. The screen is on and shows the Home Screen with an app folder open.

How to reset default apps on an Android phone or tablet

Nothing is forever. If you're rethinking your decision and want to reset default apps, just follow our guide for stock Android and most Samsung phones.
Apple Maps

How to share your location on your iPhone or iPad

Your iPhone is full of useful features, several of which allow you to share your location with friends and family. Here's how to share your location with ease.
microsoft - best stock-trading apps

How to turn on private browsing on your iPhone or Android device

Here's how to turn on private browsing on Android and iOS phones, helping you to surf the web privately and also avoid saving cookies and your search history.

How to install fonts on iPad or iPhone with iFont

Install new fonts on your iPad or iPhone using iFont for a seamless workflow between your mobile device and your computer, whether you use Mac or Windows.
scanner apps

The best scanner apps for Android and iOS

Do you need a good scanner app to help you digitize and organize documents? Here are our picks of the best scanner apps available right now for iOS and Android.
iphone-12 how to feature image

How to delete and retrieve deleted emails on any iPhone or iPad

Want to delete an email on your iPhone? Or do you now want to recover it? Fret not, because here's how to delete and retrieve emails from any iPhone or iPad.
dropbox doc scanner on android header pictures collaboration apps paper

The best productivity apps for Android and iOS

If you're trying to get a team on the same page, then you need a way to collaborate. These are the apps that will take your productivity to the next level.
best horoscope apps

The best horoscope apps for iOS and Android

Looking up your daily, monthly, and yearly horoscopes has never been easier than it is now. Here are the best horoscope apps for doing so.
Honor 9 Lite review back full

These are the best cases and covers for the Honor 9 Lite smartphone

The all-new design of the Honor 9 Lite makes it more vulnerable to drops. We’ve gathered some of the best cases and covers to keep it safe.
best apps to sell clothes

The best apps to sell clothes will turn your unused wardrobe into cash

Don’t let your clothes end up in a landfill. Use the best apps to sell clothes and make some money or donate the proceeds to charity!
Reading List

Just read it later! Take advantage of the full power of Safari’s Reading List

Find out how to add to and find the reading list in iOS so that you can read your favorite articles whenever is most convenient.
how to turn off Find My iPhone

Do you need to erase your device? Here’s how to turn off Find My iPhone

If you need to sell or erase your iPhone you’re probably trying to figure out how to turn off Find My iPhone. Read on to find out how.
blackberry motion cases

The five best BlackBerry Motion cases and covers you can find

Can't find a case for your new Blackberry smartphone? They're not easy to find so, we've picked the best Blackberry Motion cases and covers.
how to turn off notifications on an iPhone

Kill annoying alerts! Here’s how to turn off notifications on an iPhone

Don’t be annoyed by those pesky notifications. Here’s a rundown on how to turn off notifications on an iPhone.
iPhone X screen

Hate the iPhone X’s notch? These two apps can get rid of it

We take a look at Notch Remover and Notcho and explain what they do so that you can make an informed decision before you purchase.
Black Friday apps

15 essential Black Friday apps you need to navigate the maelstrom

It's best to be prepared for Black Friday. These Black Friday apps will help you find the best bargains, navigate labyrinth-like stores, and save during the holiday.
how to use apple clips

How to use Apple Clips, the perfect video app for your social feeds

Apple is taking on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram with Apple Clips. Here's how to use Apple Clips to make video clips for social media.
best ZTE Blade Z Max cases

The best ZTE Blade Z Max cases to keep it safe from bumps and scratches

The Blade Z Max has a massive 6-inch screen that needs protection. Here are our picks for the best ZTE Blade Z Max cases and covers.
how to clear cookies on an iPad

Are you ready for a browser cleanup? Here’s how to clear cookies on an iPad

Websites often leave files called cookies on your iPad, which can eat away at your storage. Here's how to clear cookies on an iPad.
iPhone 6 tricks

30 essential iPhone 6 tricks and tips

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are capable of more than you think. Here are our 30 favorite iPhone 6 tricks for making the most of Apple's device.
how to downgrade from ios 11

Not happy with the latest? Here’s how to downgrade from iOS 11 to iOS 10

Are you having issues with iOS 11 and wish you could go back? Here’s how to downgrade from iOS 11 back to iOS 10.
best Nokia 6 cases

These are the 5 best Nokia 6 cases and covers

Nokia’s new Android phones have made it to the United States, and we’ve rounded up the best Nokia 6 cases currently on the market.
Best Moto Z2 Force cases

Here are the 10 best Moto Z2 Force cases to help it survive almost anything

Here are some of the best Moto Z2 Force cases you can buy to keep your smartphone free of dings and scratches.
how to import videos from an iPhone to a Mac example video

Here’s how to import videos from an iPhone to a Mac

Learning your way around MacOS can take some time. Here, we show you how to import videos from an iPhone to a Mac using a variety of methods.
How to turn off autocorrect on an iPhone

Take back control! Here’s how to turn off autocorrect on your iPhone or iPad

Is autocorrect not working as expected? In this guide, we show you how to turn off autocorrect on your iPhone or iPad.
best ios 10 widgets

The best iOS 10 widgets for your iPhone or iPad

Widgets are one of the best new features of iOS 10. We encourage you to try the best iOS 10 widgets and take advantage of them.
best cases asus zenfone 3 zoom ces 2017 9

The best cases for the Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom

The Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom is an impressive smartphone, one you should make an effort to protect. Here, we've chosen five standout cases.
iPhone 5c pocket

Can you downgrade from iOS 10 back to iOS 9? The answer is complicated

Not everyone can downgrade to iOS 9. However, if you meet the qualifications, it is possible for you to ditch iOS 10 altogether. Here's how.
how to check for 32 bit apps in ios 11 app compatibility warning  1

Here’s how to check for old 32-bit apps that won’t work with iOS 11

Unfortunately, Apple is dropping support for 32-bit devices and apps with iOS 11. Here's how to see if your favorite app will make the cut.
Kodak Ektra

The best cases for the Kodak Ektra smartphone

The Kodak Ektra is one of the most unique smartphones around. Here, we've compiled some of the better cases available for the Android device.
LG G6 review

The best screen protectors for the LG G6

Protecting the display on your LG G6 is important -- and these screen protectors can guard your display without sacrificing functionality.
how to start secret conversation facebook messenger feat

How to use Facebook Messenger’s secret conversations in iOS and Android

Encryption is more important than ever before. Follow this how-to guide if you want to enable "secret conversations" in Facebook Messenger.
Check Airplane Mode

How to use Airplane Mode on your iPhone or Android smartphone

Airplane mode is a useful tool that will save battery life, and even help you fix some connectivity problems. Here's how to turn it on.
notes collaboration ios header

Take your notes to the next level in iOS 10 with collaboration

A simple guide on how to add or remove people to and from a note in the Notes app in iOS 10, to start collaborating with others in real time.