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Here are the 10 best Moto Z2 Force cases to help it survive almost anything

Best Moto Z2 Force cases
Julian Chokkattu / Digital Trends
If you were lusting after a Motorola Z Force, but didn’t acquire one due to it being a Verizon exclusive for a time, the Moto Z2 Force is a godsend: It’s available on every major carrier in the United States right away. This new flagship smartphone from Motorola brings welcome upgrades including a dual-lens camera and a new pill-shaped fingerprint scanner.

Apart from a few cosmetic changes the Moto Z2 Force looks very similar to last year’s Moto Z Force Droid Edition. It’s thin, has solid build quality, and is compatible with moto mods. We’ve gathered some of the best Moto Z2 Force cases from thick heavy-duty cases to wallet cases with varying designs. The Moto Z2 Force is thinner and lighter than last year’s Z Force so it may be a bit slippery for some. These cases bring great grip and protection to the Z2 Force.

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Speck Presidio Grip Case ($45)

Best Moto Z2 Force cases
By combining a hard exterior and a rubberized interior, the Presidio Grip gives you great protection. The raised rubber ridges on the outside give you maximum grip. These cases are tested to withstand a drop from up to 10-feet. Presidio uses a patented material called Impactium that defends your Z2 Force against shocks. You would think that all this protection means that the case has to be thick and bulky, but it’s actually relatively slim.

Tech21 Evo Check Case ($40)

Best Moto Z2 Force cases
The Tech21 Evo Check case is quite thin and it only weighs 35g, which isn’t bad at all for a case that gives you solid drop protection. Tech21 built this case with its FlexShock technology which, according to the company, means the case can withstand drops of up to 6.6 feet; having seen Tech21’s testing first-hand, we’re inclined to believe that.  It has textured sides for enhanced grip and raised buttons for a good clicky feel. This case comes in smokey black or clear white.

Incipio Dual Pro ($30)

Best Moto Z2 Force cases
The name Dual refers to Incipio’s dual layer protection. The first layer is the inner part of the case made of silicone. The second layer interlocks with the silicone and acts as a shock absorbing frame made from a patented material called Plextonium. The case itself is slim, considering how much protection it provides. The company says that this case should withstand a drop from up to 12-feet. This case comes in a variety of colors including black, gray, pink, navy, raspberry, and sand.

Otterbox Defender ($50)

Best Moto Z2 Force cases
The Defender case from Otterbox is probably one of the most recognizable names when it comes to heavy-duty cases. This case is pretty bulky, and it features port covers to give you dust protection. It also features a triple layer construction which is one of the things that makes it thicker than other cases. It has a solid shell combined with a rubber slipcover and an integrated screen protector. This Moto Z2 Force case comes in black, and also a color the company calls borealis.

LK Ultra Thin Case ($8)

Best Moto Z2 Force cases
If you want adequate protection, but you want to keep your Z2 Force as thin as possible, then the LK Ultra Thin case may be the way to go. The case is constructed from TPU which means it will be both soft and flexible. It does give you some drop protection as it will take the sting out of impact shock and also save your Z2 Force from scratches. Raised edges protect the display when you place the phone face down on a surface. This case comes in black and clear finishes.

Coverlab Folio Wallet Case ($11)

Best Moto Z2 Force cases
The Z2 Force has a big screen, so having a kickstand built into your case can be very useful. This wallet case has slots for two IDs or credit cards, and a pocket for cash. The case has cut-outs for the ports and the camera to give you easy access. The front cover closes via a magnet, and the phone itself sits in a silicone shell that surrounds it. In case of a drop, the corners of your Z2 Force are protected by the silicone case. This case is made from synthetic leather, and it comes in brown.

Coveron ClearGuard Case ($9-$10)

Best Moto Z2 Force cases
This case is an interesting fusion of two different materials. The back is a clear, but tough, polycarbonate material that has been fused together with a soft shock absorbing bumper that goes around the perimeter of the case. Raised edges keep the display off surfaces, and the ports have big openings for easy access. This case is slim and lightweight, so it won’t add too much bulk to your phone. It comes in black, clear, and a beautiful teal mandala design.


Verizon Bumper Case ($15)

Best Moto Z2 Force cases
For the minimalist, Verizon has a bumper case for the Moto Z2 Force. This case isn’t made to provide the ultimate protection. Instead, this case is for those who would like to have something rather than nothing, but want the case to be out of the way. The case is very easy to attach as it is only a bumper. It will give you adequate protection against minor drops thanks to the reinforced corners, and it should help to keep the phone off surfaces, so could be a good way to keep your phone scratch free. It comes in black, but you can also buy it in a clear finish.

Casemate Wallet Folio ($60)

Best Moto Z2 Force cases
Casemate’s premium genuine leather wallet case is a classy way to dress up your new Moto Z2 Force. It has three slots for cards and one clear, windowed slot for an ID. It also has a larger pocket where you can keep your cash. There’s an integrated shell that covers the corners of the phone, but leaves the ports and buttons opened for easy access. The case also has a cut-out for the camera so that you can use it quickly. This case comes with a lifetime warranty.

Skaroots Artist Cross-Body Wallet ($36)

Best Moto Z2 Force cases
This is a very good quality wallet case for women who like slim cases. There’s a lot of space inside to accommodate a large phone like the Z2 Force. It has two pockets and the main zipper enclosure. It has enough space to put away your phone, cash, cards, and any small things that you need to take with you on the go. There’s a 26-inch shoulder strap, so you can wear it as a cross body wallet, or you can use the small strap to wear on your wrist. This wallet comes in a wide variety of colors and designs, so we encourage you to follow the link to check it out.

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