Is it a phone? Is it a tablet? No it’s a phablet. The original Galaxy Note from Samsung was something of a surprise hit and the follow up is performing even better. That mammoth 5.5-inch screen and Samsung’s S-Pen stylus are flying off the shelves of all the major U.S. carriers. If you’ve just picked yours up then you may be considering a decent Galaxy Note 2 case. You’re in luck because we’ve just uncovered a veritable feast of the very best Samsung Galaxy Note 2 cases for your delectation.

Speck CandyShell Case ($40)

It’s everyone’s favorite case combination: a hard outer shell and a soft, shock-absorbing interior. The two-tone color – in black and grey or a more lively pink and grey – gives it a distinctive look that’s accentuated by the Speck logo. The case is pretty tough, so it should survive a few falls, and the cut outs are precise, so you can grab your S-Pen in a hurry. It’s worth mentioning that, because it doesn’t have a matte finish, you might end up with a few scratches, especially on the back of the case.

Speck CandyShell Case

Belkin Surround Case ($30)

Some cases can be too much of a tight fit and they conceal the design of your device. It’s also not uncommon to run into trouble with flash reflections hitting the edges of a tight cut out area on a case and ruining your photos. With the Belkin Surround you can avoid those problems, It’s basically a bumper that leaves the back exposed. The raised design ensures the back and front are protected, and the soft silicone combines with tough polycarbonate to protect your Note 2 from bumps.

Belkin Surround cases

Proporta Leather Case ($40)

Classic high-quality, hand-stitched leather in this premium case conceals an aluminum insert, which snugly holds your Note 2 in place and safeguards against serious damage. It’s a typical notebook design that flips open and closes securely with a magnetic clasp. It has a few cutouts so you don’t need to remove the Note 2 to use it. It is hard-wearing, but if you should have any doubts the lifetime warranty should put your mind at ease.

Proporta Leather Case

Body Glove Phantom Dimensions Case ($25)

It may be better known for watersports accessories like wetsuits, but Body Glove makes great phone cases as well. This Note 2 case has a nice grip texture around the edges and on part of the back, which makes it easy to keep a firm hold on and ensures that it won’t slip when you lay it down. The charcoal colored gel is thin, but it takes the sting out of any impact. As an added bonus the case is also anti-microbial which means no smelly bacteria or mold for you.

Body Glove Phantom Dimensions Case

Cruzerlite Persona Case ($15)

You have a wide choice of designs in the Persona range from Cruzerlite and many of them will appeal to Android fans who want to show off the little green robot. The actual cases are basic, offering full access to the screen and cutouts for everything else. The TPU material makes them easy to fit and they provide a little bit of shock absorption, as well as being scratch resistant. They’re not expensive and they definitely add a little personality to your Note 2.

Cruzerlite Persona cases

Diztronic High Gloss Clear TPU Case ($10)

Don’t hide that design in a case. With this clear Diztronic case, the Note 2 almost looks naked, but there is a thin layer of TPU to protect it from drops and scratches. The case also has a lip to prevent the screen from being damaged when it is placed face down. There is a slightly frosted effect on the inside, but it’s very subtle. For basic protection at a low, low price you can’t really go wrong with this.

Diztronic High Gloss Clear TPU Case

Incipio LGND Premium Hard Shell Folio ($35)

These folio style cases that open like a book seem to be an especially good fit for the Galaxy Note 2 with S-Pen. This one has a Plextonium frame for solid protection and a hinged leather cover. The inside is lined with micro-suede to guard against scratches. The cover can be folded to act as a stand for watching movies and there’s a strap to keep it in place when closed. It has all the cutouts you need and it ships with a screen protector and a microfiber cleaning cloth – not bad at all at this price.

Incipio LGND Premium Hard Shell Folio Case

Urban Armor Gear Navigator Case ($40)

Here’s a serious looking case that’s designed to shield your Note 2 from the hustle and bustle of city living. It’s a lightweight composite case that combines a soft core to absorb shock from any impact with a tough outer shell. There’s no need to worry about overheating because there are vents to keep your Note 2 cool and they provide a chance to customize the look as well. With precision cutouts, UAG is promising no glare from the flash photography and muffle-free audio.

Urban Armor Gear Navigator cases

OtterBox Defender Series Case ($60)

For reliable and reassuring protection you can always turn to OtterBox. The Galaxy Note 2 Defender case is a serious bit of kit. You’ll benefit from a mixture of polycarbonate and silicone, along with port covers and a screen protector. There’s a swiveling belt clip as well. This case will safeguard your Note 2 from bumps, drops, scuffs, dust, and anything else life throws at you. The drawback is that it adds bulk to an already large device, but you could always opt for the slightly slimmer Commuter case.

OtterBox Defender Series Case

Spigen Galaxy Note 2 Hardbook Case ($37) 

This is a synthetic leather case that flips open like a book. There’s a tough polycarbonate frame which locks the device in place and a soft leather texture on the cover that wraps around it. By folding the cover back you can actually use it as a stand for the Note 2. You’ll also find an internal pocket for storing cards so there’s no need to carry a separate wallet. The textured exterior is comfortable to hold and it provides some grip. This case comes in an unusual range of colors including sky blue and azalea pink.

Spigen Galaxy Note 2 Hardbook Case

Seidio Surface Case with Kickstand ($35)

Here’s a solid case with a handy metal kickstand that flips out for movie viewing or a clock display in landscape orientation. The kickstand fits neatly away when not in use and since it’s magnetic it stays in place. The case itself offers good protection and doesn’t block access to features or ports. It slides on easily and the soft touch finish makes it comfortable to hold.

Seidio Surface cases with Kickstand

Case Mate Barely There Case ($30) 

If you want to keep as slim a profile as possible then the svelte Barely There case is worth a look. It features an impact resistant hard shell on the outside and a shock absorbent silicone liner. You’ll enjoy uninterrupted access to your Note 2. The minimalist design doesn’t cover up too much, but thanks to the bezel it does offer protection, even if you place your phone face down. We recommend the understated white rather than the lipstick pink.

Case Mate Barely There cases

Ballistic Shell Gel Series Case ($40)

You’ll appreciate the solid protection this two-piece Ballistic case offers. There’s a shock absorbent polymer on the inside with silicone corners and then a tough polycarbonate shell to wrap around the outside. The extra focus on those corners protects the phone if you should ever drop it and the textured backing gives you some grip. It’s quite a bulky case, but it will keep your Note 2 safe and sound.

Ballistic Shell Gel Series Case

Elago G6 Slim Fit Case for Galaxy Note 2 ($26)

The Elago G6 is slim and sexy with a special coating that repels dirt and reduces the risk of scratching. It manages the tricky feat of being easy to slide in and out of pockets and bags while still providing some grip. You can get that metallic sheen in a range of colors and the case ships with an HD Professional Extreme Clear film to protect the display. If you want something affordable that offers basic protection and doesn’t spoil the look of the device, then this could be it.

Elago G6 Slim Fit cases for Galaxy Note 2

Amzer Shellster for Galaxy Note 2 ($20)

A combination design like this could tick all of your boxes. You’ve got a basic shell case which is polycarbonate with a rubber finish and all of the usual cut outs. With the Shellster you’ve also got a holster with a soft lining and a belt clip so you can slot your Note 2 away when you aren’t using it. If you want to watch a movie or something, you can slide the Note 2 into the holster with the screen facing out and the belt clip doubles up as a stand which supports portrait or landscape view.

Amzer Shellster Case for Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flip Cover Case ($40)

There are no worries about the case being a perfect fit when you buy Samsung’s own offering. This flip cover combines soft felt with plastic to keep your Note 2 safe from scratches and bumps. The plastic back cover matches the color of the textile screen cover and it carries the Samsung and Note 2 branding so it’s matched perfectly with the device inside.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Flip Cover Case

BoxWave Tuxedo SuitUp Case ($8)

If you’ve blown all your cash getting the Note 2 in the first place, don’t worry because you can always pick up a cheap TPU case like this one. It’s slim, it has all the cut outs you need, and it will guard against scratches and bumps. It’s a simple, plain black case at a low price.

BoxWave Tuxedo SuitUp Case

Zenus Galaxy Note 2 Masstige Color Point Diary Series ($45)

Now this case is a real wallet or purse replacement. It is made from Italian synthetic leather and hand stitched. It has a clasp to keep it securely closed when you’re not using your Note 2 and when you open it you’ll see a series of pockets and a handy compartment for cash. In addition to the chocolate color shown here, you can also get it in orange or grey.

Zenus Galaxy Note 2 Masstige Color Point Diary Case

Any more suggestions for good Samsung Galaxy Note 2 cases or covers? Post away.