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Ezmo Lets Phone Users Tap Music Collection

Ezmo Lets Phone Users Tap Music Collection

Norway-based Ezmo has announced its new mobile version of its Ezmo online music player, offering mobile phone users a way to tap into their personal music collections using their phones—and without having to cart around memory or other storage in order to load up songs.

Based on Flash Lite 3—available in a growing number of phones including the Nokia N95—Ezmo combines a music player with a social networking service: users can upload their entire music library to the Web (using tools for Mac or Windows), then listen to their music collections on their mobile phones. They can also share their music libraries with up to ten friends, as well as access their music from anywhere they can get an Internet connection.

“This is an important move for the online music community as Ezmo is helping to define a new way not only to listen but to share music on the go,” said Ezmo CEO Petter Karal, in a statement. “Ezmo aims to be device-independent to allow all members unlimited access to their own music collection as well as their friends’. The Ezmo mobile player is the first step to fulfill this vision.”

The Ezmo player streams data over the air, so users will want some kind of 3G or Edge networking service to support music streaming—and, of course, a data service plan that makes streaming over the air affordable. Handsets supporting Wi-Fi wireless networking can tap into music collections using Wi-Fi hotspots. However, Ezmo only works with DRM-free music, so be careful what you upload.