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Google Earth For The iPhone

Google Earth For The iPhone

If you own an iPhone or an iPod Touch, now you can get Google Earth on your set as a free application from the iPhone App Store.

Google announced the service on Sunday, making it a companion for Google Maps for Mobile, which is already available for the iPhone.

Peter Birch, product manager for Google Earth, wrote in a blog posting that users simply have to "swipe [their] finger across the screen and… fly to the other side of the globe." The viewing angle can be adjusted by tilting the phone, and a zoom can be achieved by pinching the fingers together on the screen, according to ZDNet. The is also a “My Location” feature.

It’s certainly a good free app, but the curious fact is that they’ve made it available for the iPhone when their own Google Android doesn’t have it yet, and the company is keeping quiet on when it might be available.

Google Earth is one of the company most successful applications, having been downloaded over 400 million times.