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How to take a screenshot on an iPad

Here’s the short answer: press the Home button and Sleep/Wake button at the same time. For more explanation, keep reading.   

The iPad is a mean, sleek, sharing machine. It can share photos, links, and websites in seconds. It can also make easy work of a screenshot. Screenshots may not be the most glamorous feature of your iPad, but they are certainly one of the most useful, allowing users to capture enlarged PNG images of your display you can then share it with anyone. Why do you need screenshots? For starters, they’re handy when you need to interface with coworkers, family members — and yes — even the genius bar from afar. They’ll also allow you to create fantastic how-to guides and flaunt your high score on Super Stickman Golf 2 with all your photos. After all, photo evidence goes a long way.

Whatever the reason, all versions of the iPad can capture and share screenshots in five simple steps, whether using the newly-announced iPad Air 2 or the last-gen iPad Mini 2. The guide below will give you a rundown of how to take screenshots and provide a quick tutorial for sharing photos with your iPad.

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Step 1: Locate the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons.The Home button is located directly below your iPad’s display and the only button on the front-side of the iPad. The Sleep/Wake button, on the other hand, is the oval-shaped button atop the iPad in right-hand corner.

iPad Button Locations

Step 2: Simultaneously press the Home button and Sleep/Wake button when viewing the screen you want to capture. Your iPad screen will then flash if done correctly, and you’ll hear a faint shutter noise assuming your device isn’t in silent mode.

Step 3: Once captured, your iPad will automatically save the screenshot directly within your camera roll (aka the Photos app). Tap the Photos app as you would normally — the app icon faintly resembles a multi-colored flower — and swipe to the bottom of the screen to view your recently-captured screenshot.

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Photo App on iPad home screen

Step 4:  To share the screenshot, tap the photo to enlarge the image and press the share icon in the lower-left corner, represented by a box with an upward arrow inside.

iPad share icon

Step 5:  Then, post to your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, or share your screenshot via AirDrop or by email using the corresponding icons at the bottom.

Sharing photos online with an iPad