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NewerTech Debuts iPhone Accessories

NewerTech Debuts iPhone Accessories

Building momentum for its booth at the upcoming booth at Macworld expo in San Francisco, Illinois-based Newer Technology unveiled a line of six low-cost iPhone accessories this week, including a speaker dock, earbuds, and car charger.

The dock will not only play amplified music like a traditional iPod dock, it will also make use of the iPhone’s telephony capabilities with a hands-free microphone for conference calls. Suggested retail price when it debuts on January 28 will be $34.95.

Newer Technology’s glossy black bass response earbuds currently retail for $19.99 and are designed to reduce outside noise. The company claims that their passive noise reduction (read: sealing the ear canal) reduces outside noise by an average of 42dB, while providing up to 10dB of audio output at the highest frequencies.

Other, less unique accessories include a headphone jack adapter to deal with the iPhone’s recessed jack,  a mic extender cable, a car charger, and a hands-free mic with earbuds. Unlike the iPhone dock, all are available now.