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Getting the ghouls together? Here’s 15 spooky songs to stream this Halloween

Halloween is almost here, and for a lot of us, that means candy, booze, and plenty of spooky things. And whether you’re hitting the town, or bringing the party to you, you’ll probably need a few key spooky songs to set off this weekend’s festivities. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a playlist of our top 15 Halloween songs (see below) to help along the slow, steady creep into the scariest day of the year.

Set off by classics like Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbuster’s Theme Song, our list then dives into some deeper cuts of the dark arts, such as a remastered version of the Talking Heads’ Psycho Killer, and the oft-forgotten (and totally weird) hip-hop masterpiece Dracula’s Wedding by Outkast.

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To celebrate the true spirit of the holiday, our playlist is brought to a close with a party-style dress-up collaboration: Kanye West’s Monster which features Rick Ross, Jay Z, and Bon Iver.

As you might have guessed while perusing a batch of Halloween-themed songs, most of them are about monsters. We’ve laid out three cuts about werewolves (Howlin’ For You, Werewolves of London, and a personal favorite, Werewolf Bar Mitzvah by Tracy Morgan). There’s also two songs about witches (Bloody Mary, I Put A Spell On You), four about unspecified horrifying monstrosities (Don’t Fear The Reaper, Psycho Killer, A Nightmare on My Street, Monster) and one about a Purple People Eater. So yeah, that should just about cover it.

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