Beleaguered BlackBerry rolls out its latest plan to make some money

After BlackBerry saw its mobile business crumble, it shifted focus to software and services. Its latest idea is a subscription-based BBM Enterprise SDK designed to easily incorporate secure messaging, voice, and video into apps.

Blackberry sets BBM’s privacy features free on iOS, Android, and its own devices

All of BlackBerry Messenger's privacy and control features are now free in the iOS, Android, and BlackBerry OS apps. The features used to cost $1, but BBM is trying to compete with free chat apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Sharecare adds Blackberry’s BBM into its app to make its medical app more secure

Sharecare has been working on a feature that recognizes the tone of a conversation -- whether you are anxious or joyous -- and has now integrated BBM into its app for further security.

Ex-BlackBerry CEO admits company didn’t have a chance against the iPhone

Ex-BlackBerry co-CEO Jim Balsillie admitted his company didn't stand too much of a chance against the iPhone, thanks to a number of contributing factors that include the Verizon-exclusive BlackBerry Storm.

Users are more loyal to BlackBerry Messenger than to any other Android messaging app

A recent report revealed BlackBerry Messenger has a more loyal user base than any other Android messaging service. This report includes apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat, as well as social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

BlackBerry Messenger plays an important part in uncovering Brazilian corruption scandal

Thanks to thousands of BBM messages, Brazilian authorities were able to properly uncover a corruption scandal in Brazil. The scandal involved more than 100 people skimming money from a Brazilian oil company.

BBM will soon become a tool to find missing children in Canada

The Missing Children Society of Canada announced it has partnered with BlackBerry to create a BBM Channel that would push info about missing children to followers.

BBM now offers message retraction and Snapchat-like timed messages

BlackBerry's cross-platform messaging app now offers message retraction and Snapchat-like timed messages that vanish after several seconds. The new features are free to try out, but you'll have to pay to use them from February.

BBM lands on Windows Phone with tile interface

BlackBerry finally released BBM for Windows Phone after much ado. The app features a tiled user interface that's well-suited to Microsoft's operating system.

BBM: BlackBerry keeps Windows Phone users hanging on, launches beta test

BlackBerry's plan to launch BBM for Windows Phone by June clearly fell by the wayside. Now it says it's releasing a beta version, though those easily frustrated by buggy software are asked to wait "just a bit longer" for the full…

BBM hits 160m registrations, but only half are active

BlackBerry boss John Chen revealed Thursday that BBM – the cross-platform messaging app that's come to form part of the company's saviour strategy – now has 160 million active users. However, it appears only half of them are…
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Heartbleed: BlackBerry to roll out BBM patches for Android and iOS this week

While the risk of attack is deemed by BlackBerry as "extremely small," the company is nevertheless taking the precautionary measure of rolling out patches for Android and iOS users of its BBM app to prevent any possibility of a…