More megapixels aren't always better, but did Casio go too far with their camera?

Casio is intentionally coming in last place in the megapixel race -- all in the name of low-light performance. The Casio EX-FR110H is an oddball camera designed to get the most light in dim conditions.

Tamron is making an image sensor more sensitive than the human eye

Tamron has announced that it is working alongside the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) to develop an image sensor capable of seeing clearly in as little brightness as a star-lit night.
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Look, up in the sky! It’s a kite! It’s a camera! It’s the Fotokite Phi drone!

Launching on Tuesday, Fotokite Phi is a lightweight camera-carrying drone you control like a kite. “Not only is it very accessible from a price perspective, but it works unlike any other drone you’ve seen before," CEO Chris…

Owner-designed 3D-printed camera lens captures impressive images

Photographer Mathieu Stern turned to 3D printing to fulfill his lifelong dream of creating his very own camera lens. Using 19th-century optics and a custom frame, the lens came to life and captures incredible images.

Chronos high-speed camera blasts through Kickstarter target in just a few hours

A high-speed camera that can capture footage at a whopping 22,000 frames a second and costs a surprisingly reasonable $2,500 hit its Kickstarter funding target on Wednesday within just a few hours of going live.

Europe's largest used camera dealer MPB expands to the United States

The largest used camera dealer in Europe just expanded to the U.S. -- MPB offers used sales and trades for cameras, lenses, lights, and more. Could the company's six-month warranty sway more consumers to buy used equipment?

Apple may introduce augmented reality functionality into the iPhone’s camera

Apple may be planning to integrate augmented reality capabilities like object recongition and facial detection into the iPhone's camera app. It could roll out in the coming months.

Hitachi developing a lensless camera that focuses images after they are captured

Hitachi is developing a camera capable of capturing images without a traditional lens design. Its specialized design also enables post-capture focus changes, similar to Lytro cameras.

How to make the most of your camera’s battery

SLR Lounge put together a helpful video showing off seven tips for making the most of your camera’s battery life. Simplified into one tip, turn off and turn down all unnecessary features.

We took the Google Pixel and iPhone 7 Plus to France for an epic camera shootout

We took the Google Pixel and the iPhone 7 Plus to France. As reviewers have been claiming the Pixel to be the new smartphone camera king, we wanted to see how it fared against Apple's flagship. Here's a comparison.

Tales of the camera market’s demise have apparently not been exaggerated

Just as digital point-and-shoot cameras replaced the old boxed disposable film cameras of the past, they have now been replaced by the phones that we carry in our pockets every day.

Patch will use ‘magical math’ to solve Google Pixel’s camera lens flare problem

Google has acknowledged the camera flare issue plaguing the Pixel and Pixel XL's camera, and has said that a software update will be out soon to fix the problem with the well-received smartphone