Mobile printing just got lighter and compact with Epson’s WF-100

Epson's new WF-100 is claimed as the world's smallest and lightest printer, which is great for mobile professionals who need to print at a moment's notice. The device can also print small photos, and supports Wi-Fi printing.

A bunch of Epson printers are now better suited for mobile printing

Epson just announced that a bunch of its printers are better suited for printing stuff from mobile devices. Learn more here.

Epson lowers price of PrecisionCore inkjet tech with new multifunction units

Epson unveiled two new lower-priced multifunction printers with the company's PrecisionCore printhead technology, offering laser-like print quality and fast speeds. Plus, a standard $99 MFP.

Epson joins wearable craze with Runsense and Pulsense fitness trackers

Epson introduced a series of new wearable devices, including the Runsense and Pulsense fitness trackers. Both work with companion apps and aim to make you healthy.
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Epson’s Glass-like ‘Moverio’ specs go on sale for $700

Epson's Moverio BT-200 smart glasses have launched with a $700 price tag. The high-tech specs are aimed primarily at industry, with supply chain tracking, surgical training for doctors, and remote field service support all touted as…

Epson, a printer company, now makes smartwatches and fitness bands

Epson's desire to get into wearables extended beyond smart glasses as it announced the Pulsense Watch and Band at CES. These devices are designed to measure fitness and health in the wearer.

Epson challenges Google Glass with Moverio BT-200 augmented reality smart glasses

Epson updates its augmented reality smart glasses with the lighter, slimmer Moverio BT-200. Shown off at CES 2014, the Moverio BT-200 glasses run on Android 4.0 and enable video streaming and AR gaming.

The future of Epson’s inkjet technology lies in a ‘chip’ that’s thin as a razor blade

Epson unveiled its next-generation inkjet technology with a print head that's small and thin. Called PrecisionCore, the print "chip" will debut in commercial printers, followed by office machines and potentially consumer models.

States reach $553 mln settlement for LCD price fixing

A proposed multi-state settlement would have seven major LCD manufacturers paying $553 million to settle charges they conspired to fix prices of LCD displays.
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Would you use these Android-powered Epson Moverio video glasses?

Are the Epson Moverio Video Glasses a futuristic viewing experience or suped-up geriatric shades?
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E Ink and Epson announce 300dpi electronic paper

E Ink and Epson h are aiming to bring new sharpness to ereaders with a new 300 dpi high-resolution electronic paper device.
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Epson Unveils BrightLink 450Wi Interactive Projector

BrightLink 450Wi ultra-short throw projector can turn almost any surface into a learning environment.