Would you use these Android-powered Epson Moverio video glasses?

Are the Epson Moverio Video Glasses a futuristic viewing experience or suped-up geriatric shades?

Cool Tech

E Ink and Epson announce 300dpi electronic paper

E Ink and Epson h are aiming to bring new sharpness to ereaders with a new 300 dpi high-resolution electronic paper device.

Cool Tech

Epson Unveils BrightLink 450Wi Interactive Projector

BrightLink 450Wi ultra-short throw projector can turn almost any surface into a learning environment.

Cool Tech

Touch Interface Coming to E Ink Displays

Epson and E Ink have announced a new controller that will enable "electronic paper" displays to gain touch control for user interface and other interactive elements.


Seiko Epson Drops Rear-Projection TVs

Seiko Epson - better known to U.S. consumers as Epson - has stopped production of rear-projection TVs, becoming the latest firm to drop or scale back the technology.

Home Theater

High-Def Projection for the Masses

Epson's PowerLite Home Cinema 720 balances price and performance by borrowing features from the more expensive Pro Cinema line.

Home Theater

Epson, Mitsubishi Throw 1080p Light Around

New projectors from Epson and Mitsubishi promise to bring 1080p imaging, fast response, and high contrast to home theater fans.

Home Theater

Epson Intros World’s Fastest Inkjet

Epson says its new Stylus C120 inkjet printer is the world's fastest inkjet printer, pushing 37 ppm in black and 20 ppm in color - and its just $90.


Epson Releases Enthusiast Photo Scanner

Epson's V200 captures images at a whopping 4800 dpi, allowing consumers to extract every bit of detail out of an aging photo or document.


Epson Debuts 1080p Home Projector

Epson's forthcoming PowerLite Pro Cinema 1080 home projector will offer 1080p resolution, 12,000:1 contrast, and a $4,999 price tag.

Home Theater

Epson MovieMate 30 Brings Projectors Home

The Epson MovieMate 30 combined home theater projector, DVD player, and music system aims to bring projection theater systems to the huddled, budget-constrained masses.

Home Theater

Epson Sues More Cartridge Vendors

Seiko Epson has filed another round of lawsuits against companies which make or resell third party ink cartridges it claims infringe on their patents.


Epson Ships New Home Cinema Projector

The PowerLite Home 20, priced at just under $1,000, is 480p native resolution and projects an 80-inch widescreen image from 6.6 feet away.

Home Theater

Epson Debuts Portable Multimedia Device

New P-4000 Multimedia Storage Viewer has an 80 GB hard drive which can store 75,000 images, over 25,000 songs or about 90 to 300 hours of video.

Cool Tech

Epson Ships MovieMate 25 Home Projector

New home media projector from Epson offers up 480p resolution, 1,200 ANSI lumens and a built-in DVD/CD drive.

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