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You will lose your ability to vote on Facebook privacy changes today

At 12pm PT today, Facebook users will lose their ability to vote on future changes to the social network's privacy policy and terms of service thanks to extremely low user turnout.

Confused by Facebook’s new privacy policy? You’re supposed to be

There's a whole new reason to believe the vote over Facebook's proposed policy changes is a farce: Some of the new language is purposefully written to confuse you.
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That ‘Facebook privacy notice’ is a hoax

The release of Facebook's newly proposed privacy guidelines has sparked the resurgence of two totally bogus "notices," both of which incorrectly claim to provide Facebook users with greater rights to privacy and copyright over the photos…
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A field trip to the Facebook black market in which we buy 1.5 million accounts and email addresses for $5

There's a black market for just about everything, including your private Facebook ID, email address, name and it costs just $5. After one IT specialist found he could net a million users' account information, we had to go and see for…
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Five Facebook privacy stories that you may have missed this week

Facebook has brought innumerable privacy issues to light. We've rounded up five Facebook privacy stories that you may have missed from this week.
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Facebook scans private messages for brand page mentions, admits a bug is boosting Likes

Some suspicious Like counts suggest that Facebook is scanning private messages and hitting the Like button for its users accordingly.
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Is social media insurance scammy or just plain smart?

In the age of the hacker, is it time we get on board with social media profile protection or is it up to us to keep our own data safe?
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Outrage over Facebook’s private message scandal should send us running for our privacy settings

A supposed leak of old private messages turned out to just be resurfaced old Wall Posts - but the resulting outrage should be an indication you need to head to your privacy settings.
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Facebook rolling out search history controls… which begs the question, why do we need them?

Facebook announces you now have new control over your Facebook searches, which strongly suggests a strong focus on search is in the network's future.
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Terms & Conditions: Facebook’s ‘Data Use Policy’ explained

Facebook's privacy policy, known as the "Data Use Policy," explained in simple terms -- with some helpful links added in to let you better control your privacy.
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Everything you want to know about the Facebook Timeline

Now that the Facebook Timeline has officially rolled out, we've taken the time to thoroughly introduce you to the latest iteration of the profile.
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Facebook Timeline FAQ: You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

While integrated media might have claimed the speculation spotlight, Facebook's massive transformation of the profile into something called Timeline stole the show. Here's a few things you should know about the next evolution of your…