hurricane sandy

A 5th-grader invented a sandless sandbag to fight floods more effectively

11-year-old Peyton Robertson, a native of Florida, has developed a new kind of sandbag system that's lighter, easier to transport, and more effective than traditional sand-based systems we've been using for decades

Cool Tech

World of Warcraft players prove they have flaming hearts by raising $2.3 million for Sandy relief effort

Blizzard has a history of using World of Warcraft as a fundraiser for disaster relief, and it broke its own recent records by raising $2.3 million for the American Red Cross to help victimes of Hurricane Sandy.


New web service handles the guesswork of donating

A new web service called YouGiveGoods allows users to donate products to charity organizations without worrying about where and when to drop it off.


Verizon and AT&T confirm cell service back to normal after Sandy

Verizon Wireless and AT&T have confirmed that cell service is back to normal for the first time since Hurricane Sandy struck on Oct. 29.


Good guy Apple gives $2.5 million to Hurricane Sandy relief

After successfully raising "millions" of dollars toward the American Red Cross' Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, Apple CEO Tim Cook told employees today that the company will donate $2.5 million of its own money to help the storm's victims recover.


Airbnb and Mayor Bloomberg link up, open home renters’ doors to hurricane victims

Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy, a nor'easter heads toward New York City. Luckily, Airbnb and the Big Apple joined hands to offer free shelter to those displaced.


Fisker cites Sandy floodwaters as cause of New Jersey Karma fires

Fisker has traced the fire that damaged 16 Karma plug-in hybrids to a short circuit that occurred after the cars were submerged in the floodwaters of Superstorm Sandy.


New Jersey’s email voting option backfires, e-voters stranded in confusion

Post-Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey elected to vote via e-mail. Unfortunately, the process has been anything but smooth, and many constituents are finding themselves without ballots or resources to help them vote.


Three tech lessons learned the hard way (from Hurricane Sandy)

When disaster strikes, you get a whole new perspective on what’s important in the high-tech devices we rely on.

Cool Tech

New Jersey to allow registered voters to vote by email

Definitely helpful for anyone in New Jersey displaced by the destructive power of Hurricane Sandy, registered voters can vote electronically this year.


How Hurricane Sandy and Twitter made the world scream fire in a crowded Internet

As the East Coast begins to recover from the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy, the Internet is left reeling with questions about how the disaster was reported, and whether there's anything we can do to fix it.


Weekly mobile wrap: Hurricane and Halloween edition

Hurricane Sandy knocked out power on the East Coast, but it couldn't knock the wind out of the sails of mobile's top competitors. Microsoft unveils Windows Phone 8, Google releases its upcoming lineup, Apple is put in time out, and more in this week's Weekly…


Phone charging stations pop up around NYC in aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Thousands of people in New York are still without power, but mobile charging stations are popping up around the city to give those in need an easy and free way to charge their phones.


Hurricane relief, Hitman, and some good old-fashioned USC-bashing in this week’s Staff Picks

You want to know all the best in tech from the past week but you don’t want to have to look for it, right? Never fear. We’ve trolled the matrix to find the coolest, weirdest, and most interesting tidbits of the past 7 days. Have at it.


Verizon rolls out mobile device charging stations for Sandy victims

Definitely helpful for anyone impacted by Hurricane Sandy, Verizon is providing assistance to the public in the form of emergency communication centers.