Cool Tech

Humanoid robots are helping travelers at a Tokyo airport

Visit Tokyo's Haneda international airport anytime soon and you might run into one of its humanoid robots. Built by Hitachi, the EMIEW machines are trundling about the terminal buildings guiding and assisting travelers as part of…

Cat fans, here’s a version of Street View just for you

"Cat Street View" is exactly what it sounds like – a kitty-centric version of Google's popular Street View tool that lets you explore a couple of towns in Japan from the perspective of a cat.

Using public transportation? Just whip out your iPhone if you're in Japan

New Yorkers may still have to wait a bit longer to pay for their subway rides with their smartphones, but it looks like those in Japan may be enjoying this feature sooner rather than later.

Japan has just reported its first ‘Pokémon Go’-related death

Earlier this month Japanese cops said they'd handed out more than 700 tickets for traffic violations involving people playing Pokémon Go while operating a vehicle. On Wednesday it revealed its first death related to the game, caused by a…

Japan’s prime minister became ‘Super Mario’ at the Olympic closing ceremony

It's not every day you see a world leader dressed up as a famous video game character, but that's exactly what happened during the Rio Olympics' closing ceremony on Sunday night.

Japan’s Horinouchi House makes 600 square feet seem like a bona fide mansion

Located in west Tokyo, Japan's Horinouchi House sits on just 600 square feet of land but was constructed to make the home feel much bigger than it is. Gorgeously lit and spacious enough for a family, the home is a wonder.

Samara is Airbnb's new project to take on the challenge of urban planning

This week, Airbnb is taking on a new challenge by starting a brand new division. It’s called Samara, and its first project is to design a communal housing project that will reinvigorate the small town of Yoshino, Japan.

Japanese cops are handing out hundreds of traffic tickets to ‘Pokémon Go’ players

Cops in Japan have revealed that in just a couple of weeks they've so far ticketed more than 700 individuals for playing Pokémon Go while operating a vehicle, motorcycle, or bicycle.

False smartphone alert of major quake leaves millions in Japan sweating

Millions of smartphones across Tokyo started beeping in unison on Monday after a quake-alert app warned them that a huge tremor was about to strike. It was, however, sent in error, sparking unnecessary panic among those expecting the worst.

Forget foldable: Japanese researchers develop a display you can cut to pieces

Flexible displays are set to play a big part in future devices, but displays you can cut could be even more important. Researchers in Japan have developed a display that can be cut with scissors and still be totally usable afterwards.

The Sharp Basio 2 is a peculiar beast that packs physical call and message buttons

Here to shatter expectations about how an Android phone should look, the Sharp Basio 2 features physical call and message buttons, as well as a cover for the main camera. The phone will be released in Japan.

‘Pokémon Go’ officially launches in Japan following delay

'Pokémon Go' has officially launched in Japan, following a delay reportedly caused by the leak of an email between developer Niantic and launch partner McDonald's. It's available on both Android and iOS.