Lenovo to shake things up at Motorola, could fire CEO and 20 percent of workforce

Lenovo's recent financial results show a continuing loss for Motorola and the Mobile Business Group. Lenovo has a restructuring plan, which might mean Motorola CEO Rick Osterloh is out, as well as 20 percent of the workforce.

Zuk Z1 news: New pictures of the Cyanogen-powered OnePlus 2 challenger

Zuk is a new name about to burst onto the smartphone market. It's backed by Lenovo and software firm Qihoo 360, and its first model, the Z1, will challenge phones from Xiaomi, Huawei, and OnePlus.

Lenovo to cut 3200 jobs amid ‘severe challenges’ in its main markets

Lenovo has announced restructuring plans that include reducing its smartphone portfolio and cutting its global workforce by 10 percent. The news comes as the company reported quarterly results that saw a 51 percent drop in year-on-year…

Want to erase bloatware from your Lenovo PC? That could be a battle you’ll always lose

Lenovo has been accused of using a little known Microsoft feature to automatically re-install bloatware, even if the user wipes the system and does a clean install of Windows.

New Lenovo mobile workstations include Intel Xeon processors

With 6th Generation Intel Xeon CPUs and Nvidia Quadro graphics cards, the Lenovo ThinkPad P50 and P70 offer high end performance without the sticker shock.

The Lenovo Thinkcentre Chromebox Tiny is available now, starting around $200

Thinkcentre is a modular all-in-one, or in Lenovo's terms, a "Tiny-in-One" computer. It's a proof-of-concept for migrating new components to your monitor when you're ready to upgrade.

Lenovo wants your opinion on what to include in a Retro Thinkpad

Lenovo VP David Hill aims to resurrect the 1992 IBM Thinkpad 700c "armed with today's technology", according to PCWorld. Now, thanks to a series of surveys featured on the Lenovo blog, you can take part in the design process, joining…

In defense of laptop batteries: Why they deserve some respect

Laptop batteries rarely grab headlines, but that doesn't mean they haven't changed. Today's slim, attractive and long-lasting notebooks wouldn't be possible without the advancements made in the past half-decade.

Retro-style ThinkPad might resurrect the seven-row keyboard, blue enter key, and more

Lenovo is considering a retro-inspired ThinkPad that combines favorite features from the past two decades with modern hardware and a razor-thin profile.

Lenovo’s stick PC has a low price tag and a built-in speaker

Lenovo announced its first PC on a stick, the Ideacentre Stick 300, on June 23. When it debuts this fall, it will cost $129. The pocket-sized PC comes with an Intel Baytrail processor and 32GB of storage.

Lenovo to enter PC stick game with IdeaCentre Stick 300

Stick PCs are becoming quite the fashionable way to carry around your media and media centre in one tiny device, so of course Lenovo wants in on the action. Its debut stick machine, the IdeaCentre Stick 300, is set to launch soon.

Lenovo CEO teases new Moto phones and smartwatches for release this summer

Lenovo's CEO has said in an interview we should be on the look out for new Motorola-branded hardware this summer, and the company's plans include new smartphones and smartwatches.