Smartphones haven’t won yet! These compact cams make your iPhone look like a toy

Compact cameras are a dying breed, or are they? Despite the rise of smartphones at the low end, high-performance compact shooters like these offer incredible image quality for the money.

Nikon ad teases retro-styled full-frame DSLR, possibly called the Nikon DF

Nikon appears to be gearing up to launch its first retro-styled full-frame digital SLR with the introduction this week of a new ad campaign. The shooter, which could be unveiled as early as next month, is thought to be called the Nikon DF.

Is medium format the new (old) frontier for camera makers, and why does it matter?

Rumor sites are reporting that both Nikon and Canon are working on medium format products. Medium format allows for high-quality resolution images, but is this expensive niche sector a place Nikon and Canon wants to play in?

5 cameras that say it’s never too early to get your kids started on photography

When's a good time to get kids interested in photography? As soon as they grab onto a camera without dropping it. Here are five digital cameras that will get children started on the path to great photography.

Nikon’s new Coolpix cams won’t steal the show, but they offer boost in features

Nikon introduced two new Coolpix models, the P7800 and S02. Both are updates to existing cameras, but they have enhanced features and performance. Also announced is a new LED lighting accessory.

Sony rumored to be working on a sensor-shifting camera that ‘autofocuses’ any lens

According to Sony Alpha Rumors, Sony is working on an E-mount mirrorless camera with a sensor that shifts up to 18mm, allowing it to autofocus any brand of lenses attached. There are no details, but SAR says Sony is gunning for Canon and…

Once a bright spot, Nikon lowers profit target due to weak demand for mirrorless cams

Say it isn't so: Compact system cameras were looked to as messiahs who would save the camera industry, but Nikon has cut its full-year profit target due to disappointing sales in the U.S. and Europe.

Nikon brings out new long-zoom Coolpix, 18-140mm DSLR lens, and small Speedlight flash

Nikon has added three new products designed for the mid-level consumer: a Coolpix point-and-shoot that offers versatility of wide-angle and long zooms, an all-in-one DSLR lens, and a compact Speedlight flash.

A Nikon smartphone? Company president talks of ‘non-camera’ consumer products

Who needs a compact camera these days when most smartphones can take perfectly decent pictures? With the point-and-shoot market continuing to shrink, and smartphone sales booming, guess what Nikon is thinking about doing....

Is Olympus and Fujifilm calling it quits on budget cams a death knell for the basic point-and-shoot?

As more and more users embrace smartphones for casual photography, Olympus and Fujifilm have signaled they will exit the low-end sector and concentrate on higher-end cameras. Is this the beginning of the end for the basic point-and-shoot…