Ford’s genius co-bots can build cars, make coffee, and even give massages

At a production facility in Cologne, Germany, Ford is using machines called co-bots to help fit shock absorbers onto Fiestas. The co-bots work alongside humans and can even be programmed to make coffee.
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Robot got swagger — human-like stride is more natural and saves energy, too

Independent robot movement usually looks hulking and plodding. Not so with Georgia Tech AMBER Lab's swaggering DURUS robot. DURUS steps down on its heel and pushes off with its toes, and does it all with a jaunty stride.

Not all jobs equally threatened by robotics in next decade — how about yours?

A McKinsey & Company report predicts change in most jobs due to automation in the next decade. Rather than being the most vulnerable, the lowest paid and least skilled jobs may be safest. Automation costs will demand a reasonably fast…
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Crawling robot is helping reveal locomotion secrets from 360 million years ago

A team of physicists, biologists, and roboticists have built a robot to help explore how the first animals crawled on land 360 million years ago -- modeling it on the African mudskipper fish, which is able to propel itself in both…
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Starship Technologies’ cute sidewalk drones will roll into London soon 1:49

Starship Technologies is bringing drone delivery back down to earth with a fleet of six-wheeled robots that deliver goods on the ground. Tests will start soon in London, and in Washington, D.C..
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A robot that sucks just won an Amazon technology competition

The day when Amazon’s distribution centers are operated entirely by robots came a step closer this week after a Dutch-built robot took top prize in the company’s latest picking-and-packing contest.
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Soft-wheel robot could play a role in rescue missions or even deep space exploration

“Upon seeing this work, a friend at Iowa State suggested that we have committed the proverbial reinventing of the wheel,” Aaron Mazzeo, assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, tells…
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Microsoft CEO’s 10 Laws for AI (and humans, too)

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella addressed what he believes are necessary principles or goals for artificial intelligence and humans. Rather than just predicting what life will be like with AI, we should create it based on guiding principles.
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Could Walmart replace shopping carts with robots?

Budgee is a cute basket-carrying robotic helper that's designed to follow you around the store as you shop, and it could be coming to a Walmart near you.
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Good news, robots! Humans like you more when they build you themselves

In a society that’s wary of automation and where most things come preassembled, the study offers a means for robots to win our hearts, even as they take our jobs.
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Astronomers want to deploy 5,000 tiny robots to help build a 3D map of the universe

“DESI will enable us to measure the distance of up to 40 million galaxies over 5 years,” Parker Fagrelius, manager of the project at Berkeley Lab, tells Digital Trends.
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Pepper the friendly robot has started a new job

Pepper the friendly robot is a rather busy bot. On sale for a year now, it's already been put to work in phone stores, train stations, and departments stores. And now it's been signed up by a couple of hospitals in Belgium.