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Shure’s new SE112 promise to outperform your budget buds without breaking the bank

Shure's new SE112 earbuds promise noise isolation, comfort, and superior sound performance to your smartphone buds for a price of $49, allowing frugal listeners to upgrade their audio without spending a lot of cheddar. The question is: Will…

Shure Brings Sound-Isolating SE115M+ Headset to The iPhone

Shure's new SE115m+ headset combines the sound isolation and high sound quality with a three-button remote control and microphone for use with Apple's iPhone.
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Shure ES115 Earphones Block Out the World

Shure's new ES115 earphones feature noise isolating technology that blocks outside noise...and they're available in fashion friendly blue, pink, red, and black.
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Shure Rolls Out Noise-Isolating Headsets

If the sound of vehicles, passers-by, and the great outdoors makes using your smartphone a downer...Shure wants to wrap you in a noise-isolated cocoon.

Is the iPhone a Shure Thing?

As iPhone hype continues to build, Shure wants iPhone buyers to know they can "complete" the iPhone with their Music Phone Adapter.

Shure Targets Gamers with Earphones

New E Series Sound Isolating Earphones: Gaming Edition are targeted towards gamers willing to lay down cash for a high end, portable audio gaming experience.
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Shure’s New E4c Earphones

Shure Incorporated is now shipping their much-anticipated E4c sound isolating earphones and we have the details.
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Sound Isolation Vs. Noise Canceling

A recent study found that sound isolation earphones do a better job of reducing the outside noise signal than noise canceling earphones.
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Shure Appoints Karnes To General Manager

Shure Incorporated has appointed Mark Karnes to General Manager of the Personal Audio Business Unit, responsible for the company's E Series earphones and QuietSpot headset.