Andy Boxall

Andy Boxall

Andy's fascination with mobile tech began in the 90s, at a time when SMS messages were considered cutting edge, but it would be a decade before he would put finger-to-keyboard as a technology writer. In the interim he wrote about travel, formulated strong opinions about films and owned a series of audacious cars.

Pow! Smartphone maker Kazam launches the svelte, 5.15mm thick Tornado 348

Smartphone newcomer Kazam has launched the Tornado 348, an octa-core smartphone that measures a mere 5.15mm thick. It's coming to Europe in the next month, and will wear a very competitive price tag.

In the Philippines, using your smartphone in the bank could land you in jail

Finishing that call while you wait in line at the bank could be a costly mistake in the Philippines, if a new law making the use of smartphones inside them illegal gets approved.

Blackphone is working on the Blacktablet, so you can keep your movie collection private

The Blackphone is the smartphone for those who take mobile security and privacy very seriously, and now, the company is reportedly working on a tablet based on the same principles.

OnePlus teams up with JBL, launches cool earphones and a special edition OnePlus One

OnePlus has teamed up with audio experts JBL to offer a pair of earphones designed to complement the OnePlus One smartphone. The E1+ 'buds will also be joined by a special edition of the phone itself.

Apple boasts about super speedy iPhone 6 release, keeps up the pace for October

Apple has confirmed it will launch the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in an additional 36 new countries around the world between now and the end of October, making it the fastest rollout yet.

Carl Zeiss’ VR-One headset uses your iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5 to create its virtual world

Optics specialist Carl Zeiss has put its name on the VR-One virtual reality headset, which uses your iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5 smartphone to create an immersive VR world in front of your eyes.

Well.i.never,’s smartwatch could feature a brand-new streaming music service

Singer, entrepreneur, and Intel creative director could be ready to launch a smartwatch, and reports suggest it could be revealed on October 16, and come with a new streaming music service powered by 7Digital.

HTC gets it: Cool accessories should work with every phone

Thank you HTC. By announcing the Re Camera as an accessory which will work with any smartphone, whether it runs Android or iOS, may ensure your continued survival, and prompt a much needed change by other manufacturers.

With hype-devouring fans and copycat features, Tesla has become the Apple of cars

Tesla's newest car, the all-wheel drive P85D Model S, is being compared to various supercars, but it should be compared to the Apple iPhone 5S. It's further evidence Tesla's closely following Apple's business strategy, and to great effect.

5 minutes of charging gives this battery pack an entire iPhone’s worth of juice

The Pronto is the latest battery pack to try and ease the pain of your smartphone running out of power during the day. To do this, it uses amazing quick charge technology to offer a full phone recharge after only five minutes plugged into…

It’s melting! Soluable circuit boards could lead to devices that dissolve in water

Scientists are busily developing water soluble circuit boards. With applications in the medical world, the new tech could also lead to making our discarded gadgets easier to dispose of in an environmentally friendly manner.