iTunes 9 on 64-bit Windows 7 has Issues with iPhone

itunesReports are coming in that the latest version of iTunes is having an issue when installed on Windows 7 64-bit computers. According to numerous posts on the Apple Discussion forums, the combination of 64-bit Windows 7 and iTunes 9 is unable to synchronize with the iPhone in most instances.

According to multiple users, iTunes 9 often gives, an error code 0xE8000065 described only as an unknown error. The users also report that iTunes will sometimes recognize the iPhone and other times it will not recognize the device. Windows also reportedly gives an error that reads MTP USB drivers can’t be installed.

There are six pages of user posts on the Apple forums with many of the users reporting the same exact issues. One user reports to have resolved the issue by turning Bonjour off. However, other users posted saying that turning Bonjour off only solved the issue for a short period. After restoring the iPhone from a backup, after disabling Bonjour, the issue occurred again.

One user going by the name plus613 reports that he has three operating systems installed on the same computer and the same issues are noted on Windows 7 64, Vista Ultimate 32, and XP Pro works but is very slow. There is no official response or fix from Apple at this time. Many of the users are running Intel P55 based motherboards.

One user reports five steps that have resolved the issue for a while including a complete restore of the iPhone, deleting the iPodDevices.xml file in C:\UsersUser Name\AppData\Local\Apple Computer\iTunes directory. Turning on C-State functionality in BIOS, removing Bonjour from Windows 7, and closing all other programs before plugging in the iPhone.


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