New iPod Touches Debuting September 1?

Analysts and industry insiders are claiming that the upcoming Apple special event will be to unveil the new iPod Touch, which will feature dual cameras. The next generation of iPod Touch is due in stores in times for the holidays, but the actual release date will likely be revealed at the event.

Many have also claimed that the new and improved Apple TV may either be debuted, or at least teased, but Reuters is suggesting that Apple’s negotiations with the TV networks has stalled slightly, and that Apple will wait until the ink is dry before re-introducing the public to the Apple TV that failed to gain ground when it was first released in 2007.

“From our checks with supply chain and industry sources, we believe potential changes could turn Apple TV into a bigger hobby and a multimillion unit seller,” Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros said in a statement obtained by Reuters.

According to Wu, the souped-up new Apple TV could hit the stores later this year in time for Christmas, but the negotiations could push it into early 2011. Once it is out, Wu — and many others — believe that it is the first step in what will be a continuing trend for Apple to further branch into the home entertainment market.

“In the grander scheme of things, it takes them a step closer” in that effort,” Wu said. The device is “perhaps a precursor into a bigger effort to address the home entertainment space down the road.”

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