Rumor: Gmail iPhone app coming soon


Google plans to finally release a native Gmail app for iOS, reports MG Siegler on his personal blog, Paris Lemon. The news is not official, as it comes from “multiple sources”, all unnamed, so this helping of news must be taken well salted. Still, such a move would be far from surprising, so it’s certainly a tidbit worth keeping on the radar.

A native GMail app for Apple’s iOS devices, which includes iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices, has long been a desired app, despite the ability to sync Gmail with the integrated iOS mail application, which doesn’t allow for some Gmail functionality. This has sparked a number of third-party apps, things like iMailG, Push for Gmail and GMate Mail for Gmail, which are all currently available in the iTunes App Store. 

With the Gmail app, iOS users will likely get the advantage of Push Notifications — a key feature Gmail currently lacks with iOS. Other added features will likely include better search functionality, the ability to star messages, customization features, priority inbox, and integration with other Google products, like Google+.  

A native Gmail app has long been used to score bragging points for Android users, who have had a dedicated Gmail app since the beginning. Bringing Gmail to iOS would eliminate that perk. 

Of course, Google has not yet commented on the alleged app, as is it so far unannounced in an official capacity. You can be sure we’ll let know the second we hear anything definitive. 

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