Best of MWC 2019 Award Winners

At this year’s Mobile World Congress, technical jargon flew through the air as fast as the next-generation networks being touted as the answer to every problem we face in life today. How to network your light switch and door knob? 5G will do it! How can we get faster cell phones? 5G, thanks to mmWave networks and sub-6GHz! And MNOs! And ML, and A.I., and … yikes.

Amid the hype and the hope, we also saw fantastic gadgets bringing real innovations, with foldable screens, faster speeds, interesting new shapes, and TONS of extra storage space. Separating out the best stuff took a team of editors, marching across the length of Barcelona’s Fira Congress convention center over and over and over.

And march we did. After hundreds of thousands of steps and countless meetings, we found the best and brightest Barcelona could bring. Without further ado, here are our award winners, the best of the show. Read on ASAP — before RSVPs for the next MWC bring a whole new set of acronyms.