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Withstand an attack in style with the Mercedes AMG G63-based armored limo

INKAS® Mercedes-Benz G63 Bulletproof Limo

Now you can be safe from snipers. The 2018 Inkas Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG armored limousine has B7-rated ballistic protection, the highest feasible level for a civilian-grade ride. Armoring for the new model is upgraded from the previous limo’s B6 rating, which could withstand armor-piercing rounds, but not when fired from a super-high-velocity sniper’s rifle. 

Inkas’ stretched and armored G-Wagen has plenty of luxe comfort and entertainment features, but the justification you’ll need to write a $1.2 million check for the base model is all about personal protection.

The 2018 Inkas G63 AMG starts with advanced B7-level body armor, ballistic glass, and infrared and thermal cameras for perimeter surveillance. You can use the cameras to record video to upload to a secure cloud server. Higher level armoring and addition defensive and offensive features are available.

When choosing an armored vehicle, you have to balance your threat level and how you’ll use it. Higher protection levels mean more vehicle weight. If you add too much weight and can’t evade or escape attackers, that won’t end well, even with the limo’s 563 horsepower V8 engine.

Ballistic protection levels

Here’s a quick guide to the European Committee for Standardization ballistic protection levels, thanks to the Inkas blog:

  • B1-B2: Can withstand 9mm bullets
  • B3 – B4: Protects from .357 Magnum (B3) or .44 Magnum (B4)
  • B5: AK-47s and other assault weapons
  • B6: Armor-piercing bullets
  • B7: Armor-piercing rounds fired by super high-velocity sniper rifles

So, assuming you have a good idea what your enemies are packing, use the guide above as a starting point when you shop for an armored ride.

Comfort and entertainment

In addition to providing more protection than most of us hopefully will ever need, the new limo pampers and entertains. Inkas’ own designers developed proprietary stitching techniques for the “ultra-premium version of Alcantara suede” and exotic leather-appointed interior. The stitching increases durability and longevity in addition to looking great, even when under attack, according to the company.

Limos are for sitting, and the armored G63 has newly designed, fully-reclining captain seats with a massage function. The seats also have a built-in control center from which you can command all media, lighting, comfort, and security functions.

Standard entertainment features include 4K Apple TV integration with Apple Siri and HomeKit support, a 4K ultra-high-definition TV monitor, and a motorized bar with a cooler. Inkas will configure the premium audio system’s speakers to customer preferences.

In the interest of ensuring that protected and entertained passengers arrive at their destination with reduced fatigue and an overall sense of well-being, Inkas also added a customizable daylight headliner calibrated to mimic real sunlight.

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