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Tesla: Model S drivers can take a road trip coast-to-coast later this year – for free

Tesla Model S

Tesla, amongst its many EV innovations, has a series of fast-charging stations called “Superchargers.” Currently, these chargers allow for nearly 100-kilowatt charging for the Tesla Model S but are only offered in California and the well-traveled corridor between Boston and Washington, D.C. Tesla owners can juice up their sleek rides in about an hour.

That is all about to change, however.

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk announced Thursday morning in a conference call that the upstart EV brand would be upping Supercharger power output to 120kw and expand the network across the country to every major metropolis and many well-traveled roadways – all by the end of the year. This year.

120kw rate means a standard 60kw Model S owner get a 2/3rds charge in around 20 minutes, “roughly the same amount of time drivers would want to stop on a road trip anyway,” Musk pointed out.

A 20-minute charge might seem slow to a gasoline-powered vehicle owner but, in comparison to other EVs currently on the market, it’s virtual light speed.

Excitingly, Musk says Model S owners will soon be able to make a trip from New York to LA all on the Supercharger network. In fact, he plans to make that trip with his kids in the near future.

Tesla will also offer use of the Superchargers to Tesla owners for free – for life. This means, aside from food and entertainment, Tesla road trips will cost drivers nothing. How flipping cool is that?

We’re big fans of road trips and of Tesla. We wonder how many we’d have to take before the Model S would pay for itself in saved fuel costs. Hmm…

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