Tesla outsells the S-Class, the 7 Series, and the A8 – but not the Cadillac XTS?

Tesla Model S

Hard to believe we’d ever be reporting this story, let alone in 2013, but apparently Tesla has sold more units of its Model S than Mercedes, BMW, or Audi did of its respective flagship sedans in the first quarter of the year.

Tesla “delivered 4,750 cars in the first quarter, more than the BMW 7-series (2,338), the Mercedes-Benz S Class (3,077), the Audi A8 (1,462) or the Lexus LS (2,860),” according to an Austin Business Journal report.

Let’s be perfectly, clear, however. Tesla has in no way shape or form outsold Audi, Mercedes or BMW as a brand but rather on a comparable model basis.

Surprising us further, only one automaker’s flagship luxury sedan outdid the Model S: Cadillac’s XTS.

This is surprising to us for two reasons: The XTS isn’t remarkably good nor would we really lump it in with the S-Class, the 7 Series, or the A8. Each of those models is higher priced and far nicer than the Caddy.

Regardless of our niggling issues with the report, we’re ecstatic that Tesla has hit such a sales mark, and so quickly.

If Tesla can pump out several other models alongside the Model S and still retain this kind of momentum, we’ll be even more impressed.