Acer shows off 11K widescreen monitor setup, new Predator gaming rigs

Acer’s Predator gaming brand hasn’t been in the best health of late, due to a notable lack of newly announced products. That changed at Computex 2015, however, as the company revealed a small armada of new gaming products covering a variety of categories.

First up is a 34-inch ultrawide IPS display. This size, alongside the 21:9 aspect ratio, is becoming increasingly popular as the hardware compatibility for gaming on the displays grows. The Acer Predator display sets itself apart with Nvidia’s G-Sync technology, a feature that sets the monitor’s refresh rate to the graphics card’s output to prevent stuttering and tearing. If you have Nvidia Surround or AMD Eyefinity support, you can span your games across multiple displays.

The other monitor at the show is a 4K, TN-panel display that also has built-in G-Sync, but lacks the curve of the ultrawide display. An Acer representitive claimed both the 4K display and the curved ultrawide displays are the first of their kind with G-Sync, in a video uploaded by Maximum PC. He apparently forgot about the Acer XB280HK, which we reviewed late last year.

Acer rounds out the display options with a 1080p projector, which Acer says has fast refresh times for gaming, and high lumens for great appearance even with some ambient light. It also has an impressive throw ratio, and Acer says at only 1.8 meters from the projected surface, it can generate an image that’s 100 inches across.

Aside from displays and projectors, the Predator line also includes gaming computers. Definitive specs aren’t available for any of the systems yet, but a representative told Maximum PC that when they do release in September, they’ll all be equipped with the latest available gaming components. Hopefully that means Skylake processors, since we expect to see those making their way into systems starting in August, but that’s speculation.

There are two laptops, a 15 -inch and a 17-inch. Internals are still up in the air, but both laptops are designed specifically for gaming, with specially designed keyboards and big fan grills for cooling in the back. The desktop has an aggressively-styled case, and shares the same black and red color palette as the other Predator products. It has a special feature for gaming, too — a turbo button on the case that instantly turns on overclocking to a number of system components.