Aero Glass looks to make its return in Windows 10

Microsoft is looking to ingratiate itself with a lot of different people with the release of Windows 10. It’s courting those with older systems by offering a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 license holders and it’s scaling back its focus on tablet users to provide an interface that’s more comfortable and familiar for desktop stalwarts. But it also looks to be trying to bring back a bit of its old visual flair, by re-introducing an Aero Glass-like transparency with the new UI.

The frosted glass effect that shows up when windows overlay one another was present in Windows Vista and 7, but disappeared in Windows 8 with the Metro theme. Now though it seems like Microsoft might be bringing it back for Windows 10, according to ITHome.

As can be seen in the leaked images, the translucent, slight blurring effect has been applied to the menu system once again. It isn’t present everywhere, with app windows having a more solid backdrop, but the Start Menu appears to have it, though it disappears if you go full screen.

We will likely get a better look at these sorts of visual tweaks – as well as much more – when the Microsoft Build 2015 keynote speech takes place on the 29th, and there will probably be other changes to the aesthetics of the Windows desktop ecosystem. Keep your eyes peeled. Some of them are likely to be quite subtle.

Other discussed changes to the Windows User interface are a little more functional. Cortana has had a an overhaul to make accessing settings and options for the digital assistant that bit easier and a new 3D flipping effect has been added to tiles.

Are you happy to see the Aero Glass-like transparency back in the upcoming Windows 10?