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New Alienware 13-inch is the first gaming laptop with OLED

alienware 13 inch gaming laptop oled dell in red
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Celebrating 20 years since it was founded as we head into 2016 — and 10 years since the company was acquired by Dell — Alienware has announced a groundbreaking new laptop targeted at video game enthusiasts. The world’s first gaming notebook with an OLED display has been debuted at CES.

OLED technology uses organic layers in place of the crystalline structures present in a traditional LED display. This means that screens using the tech can offer a broader viewing angle and a brighter picture while using significantly less power than an LCD monitor or other common types of display.

From the user’s standpoint, the most immediate visual difference is that OLED displays are typically better at outputting deep black levels. This is because the technology eliminates the need for a backlight, which can often lighten the picture and produce less faithful visuals.

It’s only recently that it’s been possible for OLED technology to be implemented in a PC in this way — the prohibitive price of using this kind of display meant that it was limited to high-end televisions and video game systems like the original iteration of the PS Vita. This year’s CES has seen OLED rolled out across a wide range of products, including the HP Spectre X360 13 and a new range of television sets from LG.

Alienware chose not to detail the exact specifications of the new laptop, but the company has stated in a blog post that it will closely resemble the current non-OLED iteration of the Alienware 13 notebook.

Furthermore, a standard silver version of the computer looks set to be joined by an eye-catching variant with a chassis just as arresting as its OLED display. Images of a bright red version of the system are being circulated, but apparently this colour scheme will only see release if it’s met with a strong response across social media.

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